WeFreeStrings: Love in the Form of Sacred Outrage (ESP-Disk’, 2022)

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WeFreeStrings: Love in the Form of Sacred Outrage

Violist Melanie Dyer (Sun Ra Arkestra, William Parker, Tomeka Reid Stringtet) leads this string-based jazz ensemble, which has been active since 2011, and this is their second album. Three of the four pieces are written by Dyer, and they’re dedicated to civil rights activists. “Baraka Suite” is made up of six movements, and they flow together at an unhurried pace, but not in a lazy way. Michael Wimberly’s drumming stands out, and he does some intense solos, but the string playing is strong as well. “Love in the Form of Sacred Outrage [for Fannie Lou Hamer]” is the shortest and most immediately striking piece, with sharper, more angular movements and a greater sense of urgency. “Pretty Flowers” (by Baba Andrew “The Black” Lamb) is more graceful, with extended strokes, fluid pacing, and stunning interplay. Where the previous piece is frantic and alarmed, this one is more empathetic, and it feels like clearing one’s head after the shock of some terrible news. “Propagating the Same Type of Madness, that uh… [for Fred Hampton]” is richer and more dynamic, definitely tense but not full-on cathartic. The entire album is inspired, unique protest music which encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions.

Lewsburg: In Your Hands LP (12XU, 2021)

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Lewsburg: In Your Hands LP

Dutch Velvet Underground disciples Lewsburg return with a brief third LP which alternates between brief vignettes and very matter-of-fact mini-narratives. “The Corner” seems like a continuation of the Waldo Jeffers-style story that kicked off their last album, and “Getting Closer” is a further half-spoken reflection. This is definitely far from the rock’n’roll or pop side of VU, and it even seems to deconstruct the various aspects of the group that influence them, and focus on the specific ideas. The album’s final song, “All Things”, is a slow, violin-laced drone-out, yet it doesn’t get as intense as something like “All Tomorrow’s Parties”. It’s far more patient, and it continues in two parts, one by lead vocalist Arie and the second by bassist/percussionist Shalita. 23 minutes seems alarmingly short for an LP, especially for a two-sided one that plays at 33 RPM, but it says everything it needs to in that time, so not a moment is wasted.

Show #633 – 6/26/22

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12:00 am Kitty Craft ~ 11 Hours and 16 Days ~ Mew (1996-2004) ~ Disc Drive ~ 1996-2004
12:04 am OHYUNG ~ i’m remembering! ~ imagine naked! (new) ~ NNA Tapes ~ 2022
12:08 am Tony Rolando ~ Breakin’ Is a Memory ~ Breakin’ Is a Memory (new) ~ Important Records ~ 2022
12:12 am Beach Boys ~ My Solution ~ Feel Flows ~ Capitol ~ 1970
12:15 am Reynols ~ Coliso Atomro ~ Tolin Asumer (new) ~ Carbon Records/Feeding Tube Records ~ 2022
12:21 am Automatic ~ NRG ~ Excess (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022
12:24 am Hollie Cook ~ Unkind Love ~ Happy Hour (new) ~ Merge ~ 2022
12:27 am Stealing Sheep ~ Replicate ~ Wow Machine (new) ~ Both Sides Records ~ 2022
12:31 am Anna L.H. Rose & Brad E. Rose ~ Inside the Crystal Cave ~ Blanket (new) ~ The Jewel Garden ~ 2022
12:35 am Kadhja Bonet ~ JGS ~ single (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2022
12:39 am Mice Parade ~ Bushwick & Knoll ~ lapapọ (new) ~ Bubble Core Records ~ 2022
12:43 am Zola Jesus ~ Do That Anymore ~ Arkhon (new) ~ Sacred Bones ~ 2022
12:47 am Yaya Bey ~ Street Fighter Blues ~ Remember Your North Star (new) ~ Big Dada ~ 2022
12:49 am Flying Lotus feat. Devin Tracy ~ You Don’t Know ~ The Room (new) ~ Warp ~ 2022
12:52 am Jones Jones ~ Call of the Jones ~ Just Justice (new) ~ ESP-Disk’ ~ 2022
12:59 am Glenn Jones ~ Away ~ Vade Mecum (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2022
1:02 am I. JORDAN ~ First Time Back ~ Always Been (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2022
1:08 am No Eyes & Turkana ~ I Saw U But Ur Still Not Here ~ GUKUBA – Presented By ANTI​-​MASS Collective x Never Normal Soundsystem (new) ~ Never Normal ~ 2022
1:15 am x.nte ~ rebirth ~ Aggressive Stereo Sound (new) ~ Kitty On Fire ~ 2022
1:17 am x.nte & Elevation ~ Cool Boarders Arcade Stock ~ Singularity Fallout (new) ~ Deathbysheep Records ~ 2022
1:21 am Golden Boy ft. Chainwallet ~ No! Surrender ~ Dream Jungle ~ Kitty On Fire ~ 2021
1:26 am Nanoray ~ p[ ~ ΔPP ~ Bandcamp ~ 2020
1:29 am Ned Milligan ~ Outdoor Play ~ Emotional Yardwork (new) ~ The Jewel Garden ~ 2022
1:38 am Domodana Kadodi Performers ~ Recording Two ~ Kadodi ~ Nyege Nyege Tapes ~ 2018
1:41 am stAllio! ~ Blame It On the Algorithm ~ Blame It On the Algorithm (new) ~ Bad Taste ~ 2022
1:46 am Diamanda Galás ~ Deliver Me From Mine Enemies III: We Shall Not Accept Your Quarantine ~ The Divine Punishment ~ Intravenal Sound Operations ~ 1986
1:49 am Max Roach ~ Tears For Johannesburg ~ We Insist! (Freedom Now Suite) ~ Candid ~ 1960

Jones Jones: Just Justice (ESP-Disk’, 2022)

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Jones Jones: Just Justice

This album of “spontaneous evocations” is played by the trio of Larry Ochs (saxophones), Vladimir Tarasov (drums), and Mark Dresser (bass), who have collectively performed as part of Rova Saxophone Quartet, Anthony Braxton’s group, and Ganelin Trio. All of the song titles have the word Jones in them, making this set feel like a family of sonic siblings. “Call of the Jones” has the most immediate bite to it, with furious bowed strings and feverish drums milling around the sax blurts. “Jones in the Sonar System” starts out more nebulous, then gradually gains some rapid bowl-like percussion, which catches the ear more than anything else. “Jones Free Jones” starts out with kind of a walking groove before it sort of washes itself in acid. “The Further Adventures of Miss Microtonal Jones” is a fitting title for the song that seems to be trying to stretch past physical boundaries the most.

OHYUNG: imagine naked! (NNA Tapes, 2022)

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OHYUNG: imagine naked!

This album’s porn spam-like title is highly misleading, as it’s one of the most creative, serenely beautiful ambient releases of the year. A huge departure from the artist’s previous noisy experimental hip-hop recordings, this one concentrates on lush, fragile loops, with very subtle alterations and drifting field recordings creating faint ripples which end up having a major impact. All of the exclamation marked titles are taken from a poem called “vegetalscape” by t. tran le, and the album does exude more of a playfulness than other ambient/minimal releases. Opener “my torn cuticles!” is the type of highly repetitive 16-minute loopscape that I would have no problem with if it continued for hours and hours. “i’m remembering!” is a series of evenly paced notes hopping gleefully in succession. “to fill the quiet!” is a gorgeous flow of static-laced waves, with melodic variation indicating that this is a living, breathing organism. “yes my weeping frame!” is an entry into the “long, rambling, repetitive piano spiral” subcategory. “philodendrons trail!” seems like it’s going to be a simple dripping, fuzzy sequence until the sounds become magnified and blown out of proportion. Lastly, the non-CD “releases like gloves!” hits the spot if you just need to hear a few simple notes repeated for an indeterminate length of time. It lasts 37 minutes, and it does slow down a little bit by the end, but put it on repeat and play it in the background and you’ll barely notice any difference as it approaches the end and loops back around.

x.nte & Elevation: Singularity Fallout (Deathbysheep, 2022) + x.nte: Aggressive Stereo Sound (Kitty On Fire, 2022)

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x.nte & Elevation: Singularity Fallout

Both x.nte and Elevation have maintained the chaotic, anarchist spirit of breakcore while introducing new elements, and for that they receive a lot of love around these parts. Singularity Fallout is 20 minutes of concentrated innovation, with each artist providing 2 solo tracks in addition to 2 collaborations between both of them. Both of the collaborative tracks brilliantly patch together drifting melodies and cacophonous, rapidfire breaks and noise bursts, ending up with some of the most broken, destructive music that still can be tied to the lineage of jungle and hip-hop. As jumbled and nonlinear as their music is, I find it soothing as well as stimulating all at once. x.nte’s “Wake Up” has a bit more of a consistent rhythm, and again it mixes a hyper tempo and shouted samples with soft, calming pads. There’s also opera vocals and ragga-jungle samples, and they make a strange sort of sense existing in the same track. The Elevation tracks include one that riffs on the Lyn Collins “bad sister” sample, letting its mind wander and throwing in a few harder breaks, but mostly keeping it steady and reflective.

x.nte: Aggressive Stereo Sound

The newest x.nte solo album is another brilliant collection of explosive tracks held together by the artist’s unique sense of logic. The breaks are often fast, abrasive blurs with airtight edits, yet they can still seem splattered and uncontrolled. Occasionally there’s some structural framing to the tracks in regards to which sections have more aggressive kick drums or other intense elements, but this is still far from DJ-friendly. Even the most mellow and transcendent track (“hearts”) isn’t afraid to throw in some lacerating noise-breaks. “rebirth” is simply a stunning expression of an aggressive moment, reflecting on a tense encounter and just bursting forth with concentrated fury. Yet this music never registers as strictly negative and joyless, the mixture of emotions is what keeps it engaging. It might be too random or discordant for a lot of people, but I get it entirely. Both x.nte & Elevation are true visionaries of the current breakcore scene.

v/a: GUKUBA – Presented By ANTI​-​MASS Collective x Never Normal Soundsystem (Never Normal, 2022)

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This long-in-the-making compilation is an exchange between East Africa’s ANTI​-​MASS Collective and Suzi Analogue’s Never Normal Soundsystem, creating hybrids of multiple styles of Black dance music and exploring innovative approaches to sound design. Several tracks arrange choppy beats into hypnotic patterns, with footwork in their DNA but still coming out quite different. Some tracks tap into the rhythmic density of jungle and breakcore while using African percussion instruments (Elevation x Authentically Plastic, No Eyes x Nsasi). No Eyes x Turkana’s track is just absolute breathless mayhem. The Safiyahh tracks mostly revolve around various styles of booming techno, and the Tayhana x Turkana one is closer to batida. Simply an incredible, groundbreaking project.

Show #632 – 6/19/22

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12:01 am YĪN YĪN ~ Shēnzhou V. ~ The Age Of Aquarius (new) ~ Glitterbeat ~ 2022
12:09 am Yukihiro Takahashi ~ At Speak Easy Club ~ Poisson D’Avril ~ Yen Records ~ 1985
12:12 am Proswell ~ Amanogawa ~ Amaterasu ~ Touched ~ 2020
12:17 am Arovane ~ Deauville ~ Tides ~ Keplar ~ 2000
12:23 am X.Y.R. ~ Oxygen Waltz ~ Aquarealm (new) ~ Not Not Fun ~ 2022
12:27 am Golden Feelings (local) ~ The Dregs of Me ~ Golden Feelings (new) ~ Impermanent Records ~ 2022
12:34 am XAM Duo ~ The Middle Way ~ XAM Duo II (new) ~ Sonic Cathedral ~ 2022
12:35 am Taylor Deupree ~ Ester ~ Harbor (new) ~ Laaps ~ 2022
12:40 am Jon Porras ~ Flower In Hand ~ Arroyo (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2022
12:50 am Foresteppe ~ Zola ~ A Collective Memoir (new) ~ Urvakan ~ 2022
12:55 am Princess Diana of Wales ~ Fragments of Blue ~ Princess Diana of Wales (new) ~ A Colourful Storm ~ 2021
1:01 am Diogo ~ Ponto de Não Retorno ~ Finalmente! (new) ~ Discos Extendes ~ 2022
1:06 am DJ FLP (local) ~ Mind Control ~ Mind Control ~ Bandcamp ~ 2020
1:10 am P Jam ~ Kumasi VIP ~ Trilogy Vol 3 (new) ~ Mean Streets Recs ~ 2022
1:15 am Slikback ~ F1 ~ SCXTRX ~ Bandcamp ~ 2021
1:16 am Slikback ~ Faux ~ Tier (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
1:19 am Lord Of The Isles (Featuring Ellen Renton) ~ Inheritance ~ Whities 029 ~ Whities ~ 2020
1:25 am тпсб ~ Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You ~ Whities 031 ~ Whities ~ 2020
1:33 am DJ Girl (local) ~ Saffron Rails (Harrowed Mix) ~ Saffron Rails ~ Eat Dis ~ 2018
1:36 am Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso ~ Baby ~ Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencis ~ Philips ~ 1968
1:41 am Miguel Angel Fuster ~ Polvo Lunar ~ Venezuela 70 ~ Soul Jazz ~ 1976
1:48 am Harmonia ~ Deluxe (Immer Wieder) ~ Deutsche Elektronische Musik 4 ~ Soul Jazz ~ 1975
1:59 am Aledemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo ~ Moliendo Cafe ~ Venezuala 70 Volume 2 ~ Soul Jazz ~ 1971

Crush Collision 6/16/22

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10:00 pm Rick Wilhite (local) ~ Ruby Nights (Gilb’r Solo Flight remix)
10:05 pm Zakmina ~ Running Amore
10:10 pm Shawn Pittman (local) ~ I’m Losing Control (Extended Bass-Ment Remix)
10:17 pm Azymuth ~ Rendor Do Samba (DJ Spinna Remix)
10:22 pm ELLES ~ end of the nite
10:26 pm Daniel Avery ~ Darlinnn
10:31 pm Deeper Kenz ~ K & A Shade
10:36 pm Stefan Ringer ~ VBBQ Fire Roasted
10:41 pm AceMo ~ Sequence of Life
10:46 pm Avalon Emerson ~ The Frontier
10:53 pm Yotam Avni ~ Know Hope
10:58 pm Levon Vincent ~ Ratios III
11:10 pm Zodiac Childs ~ Tears
11:15 pm Quirke ~ Hydraulic Deer
11:20 pm Jon Dixon feat. De’Sean Jones (local) ~ Times of Change
11:26 pm Lyric Hood (local) ~ Lose My Mind
11:29 pm Gilmer Galibard ~ Brain Poacher
11:33 pm Answer Code Request x Gerd Janson ~ B-Section
11:38 pm Dawl and Sween ~ Distopian
11:42 pm Mark Flash (local) ~ Heat Signature
11:48 pm FX093 ~ Loyalty
11:51 pm Robert Hood (local) ~ Dread
11:55 pm Dax J ~ Pulse Wave

Golden Feelings: s/t (Impermanent Records, 2022)

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Golden Feelings: s/t

Moving beyond the subliminal drone-dub-noise of his previous work as Skin Lies, Dustin Krcatovich make his debut as Golden Feelings, creating music with meditative purposes in mind. The entire album is tuned to 432 Hz, but it’s not the kind of mind massage you’d expect from Steven Halpern, where the music is generally more of a sea of notes designed to heal and soothe rather than stimulate. This is plenty soothing, but it also has its tripped out elements, like all the backwards flowing and note bending during the dusky opener “Body Betrayal”. “Tripper John” also has some slowly dripping drum machines and softly blazing guitars in the spirit of early HNIA. “The Dregs of Me” is a darker, more sideways drift, with an eerie sort of tunneling noise beneath it. Little else compares to the way it levitates, but also feels invisibly ruddered. “‘To’ Is A Preposition” is the 20-minute conclusion, and while it’s the easiest track to zone out and do breathing exercises to, some brighter, hotter, more concentrated sun rays cycle through, especially near the end.

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