Golden Feelings: s/t (Impermanent Records, 2022)

June 13, 2022 at 6:56 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Golden Feelings: s/t

Moving beyond the subliminal drone-dub-noise of his previous work as Skin Lies, Dustin Krcatovich make his debut as Golden Feelings, creating music with meditative purposes in mind. The entire album is tuned to 432 Hz, but it’s not the kind of mind massage you’d expect from Steven Halpern, where the music is generally more of a sea of notes designed to heal and soothe rather than stimulate. This is plenty soothing, but it also has its tripped out elements, like all the backwards flowing and note bending during the dusky opener “Body Betrayal”. “Tripper John” also has some slowly dripping drum machines and softly blazing guitars in the spirit of early HNIA. “The Dregs of Me” is a darker, more sideways drift, with an eerie sort of tunneling noise beneath it. Little else compares to the way it levitates, but also feels invisibly ruddered. “‘To’ Is A Preposition” is the 20-minute conclusion, and while it’s the easiest track to zone out and do breathing exercises to, some brighter, hotter, more concentrated sun rays cycle through, especially near the end.

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