Show #619 – 2/27/22

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12:00 am Gábor Lázár ~ Boundary Object III ~ Boundary Object (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2022
12:05 am Franck Vigroux ~ Désarticulé ~ Atotal (new) ~ Aesthetical ~ 2021
12:07 am 5ubaruu ~ moving on ~ S5 (new) ~ Landline Collective ~ 2022
12:10 am Das Spezial ~ Blazemoche (Etch Remix) ~ Sifar The Remixes (new) ~ shahab ~ 2022
12:17 am Bézier ~ Valencia ~ Valencia (new) ~ Dark Entries ~ 2022
12:21 am Prins Thomas ~ Kjære Mamma ~ 8 (new) ~ Prins Thomas Musikk ~ 2022
12:31 am Joy Guidry ~ Inner Child ~ Radical Acceptance (new) ~ Whited Sepulchre ~ 2022
12:41 am Grandmaster Masese ~ Orogena ~ Grandmaster Masese (new) ~ Dagoretti ~ 2021
12:45 am Mach-Hommy feat. Your Old Droog ~ Eskimo Bros. ~ Dump Gawd: Triz Nathaniel (new) ~ self-released ~ 2022
12:47 am Conway the Machine with Benny the Butcher & Westside Gunn ~ John Woo Flick ~ God Don’t Make Mistakes (new) ~ Shady ~ 2022
12:52 am Skyzoo ~ Turning 10 ~ Milestones ~ Mello Music Group ~ 2020
12:55 am Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio ~ The Human Experience ~ The Seer of Cosmic Visions ~ Planet Mu ~ 2014
1:04 am Matchess ~ Through the Wall ~ Sonescent (new) ~ Drag City ~ 2022
1:19 am Blood Incantation ~ Ea Third Movement ~ Timewave Zero (new) ~ Century Media ~ 2022
1:25 am Distant Fires Burning ~ Inperspectycon (He Can Jog’s Second Book of Regeneration) ~ single (new) ~ Audiobulb ~ 2022
1:33 am The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller (local) ~ 3.26 Parallax Seconds ~ Dimensional Shifting ~ SolarOne Music ~ 2020
1:37 am Sterac Electronics ~ Tuning Into Frequencies ~ Things To Think About ~ Voyage Direct ~ 2017
1:41 am Herva ~ Fading Above Smoke ~ Kila ~ Planet Mu ~ 2015
1:46 am RXM Reality ~ Thank You ~ Sick For You (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2022
1:51 am Klein ~ Skyfall ~ Harmattan (new) ~ PentaTone ~ 2021
1:55 am Lily Konigsberg ~ Roses ~ The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now ~ Wharf Cat ~ 2021
1:57 am The Budos Band ~ Dusterado ~ Long in the Tooth ~ Daptone ~ 2020

Joy Guidry: Radical Acceptance (Whited Sepulchre, 2022)

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Joy Guidry: Radical Acceptance

Composer and bassoonist Joy Guidry’s debut album is a powerful statement of purpose. They preface everything with an attention-grabbing intro titled “Just Because I Have a Dick Doesn’t Mean I’m a Man”, which sounds like a casual interview clip in which the artist describes their gender dysphoria and how they learned to accept themselves as a queer, trans, fat, Black, nonbinary person. Their speech is so matter-of-fact, candid, and self-assured, and I would love to hear them speak for much longer, but this isn’t a spoken word album. From there, it’s hard to predict where this album is going to go, and it inhabits a lot of spaces. A brief gospel interlude provides the only other verbal expression on the album, otherwise Guidry uses music to interpret their journey to self acceptance. From the minimalist dark ambient drone “Face to Face”, we are thrown into the turbulent vortex of “Inner Child”, an ecstatic to the point of frightful free jazz piece which moves from a multi-drum attack to trebly reed screeching to sparse, intimate bassoon melodies. “Why Is Toxicity So Yummy?” is also tense and overwhelming, gradually piling on more and more chaotic elements, and “How to Breathe While Dying” sounds as strenuous as its title. “Voices of the Ancestors” is a live spiritual jazz piece which sounds deeply comforting, the hand percussion especially just feels nourishing. The album ends with “Grace”, an ambient reflection which just feels like a pure beam of light and like the album’s intro track, I would find a longer version, or an expansion on this idea, most welcome. I’m happy to hear anything Joy has to say, honestly, and I find their message of radical acceptance to be truly inspirational.

Crush Collision 2/26/22

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12:00 am Coy Haste ~ Professor Cubhu
12:02 am Piezo ~ River Pluck
12:06 am Corticyte ~ Horn
12:10 am Phelimuncasi ~ Umahlalela (prod. by DJ Scoturn)
12:13 am John FM (local) ~ Forever (AceMo Live Forever Remix)
12:17 am Jerome Hill ~ Transmissions
12:21 am Eddie Fowlkes (local) ~ What It Do!
12:26 am Rey Sapienz ~ Ngando
12:28 am Snow Bone ~ Lost In Machine Code
12:32 am Drumskull ~ Negative 7
12:36 am Nathan Fake ~ Stepping Stone
12:42 am Denham Audio ft. Borai ~ Pocari Sweat
12:46 am Senate ~ Format
12:51 am Consulate ~ RZ Canin
12:55 am Monobox (local) ~ Forwardbase Kodai (Robert Hood Re-Plant)
1:00 am DJ Haus ~ Too Much Data (DJ Boneyard Remix)
1:05 am The Exaltics & Paris the Black FU (local) ~ Propaganda DNA
1:08 am Dax J ~ Simulated Reality (AI Terafactory Electronics)
1:13 am D-Knox (local) ~ DAT Rip 02
1:21 am Detroit’s Filthiest (local) ~ Critical Condition
1:24 am Perc ~ Fire in Negative
1:28 am Nazar ~ UN Sanctions
1:32 am Ekiti Sound ~ Alutere (Soul Edifice Remix)
1:38 am Finn & India Jordan ~ H.U.R.L
1:43 am Narciss ~ Detroit Smash
1:48 am Thugwidow ~ Invisible Shell of Energy
1:53 am DJ Different ~ Permission 2 Dance
1:55 am X-Altera (local) ~ New Harbinger

Das Spezial: Sifar The Remixes 12″ EP (shahab, 2022)

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Das Spezial: Sifar The Remixes 12″ EP

Das Spezial keeps a low profile, but they’ve released a considerable amount of music since 2019, and they’ve gotten some well-regarded names to remix their tracks. For this remix EP, they hand three tracks from last year’s Sifar off to Low Jack, Bruce, Lakker, and Etch. Low Jack’s “Kefi” is a slow, lurching crawler with more gun sounds than percussion. Bruce somehow takes the same song and turns it into a faster, chirpier disco-tech track which ends up much cuter than expected. Lakker dos a sort of detached yet charging mix of “Nyctophile”, with nebulous synths flowing around a clicking broken beat pattern, and machine glitches lightly fizzing around. Etch’s “Blazemoche” has a slow-motion forward momentum clearly drawing from drum’n’bass, but remains lurking in the shadows instead of brocking out on the dancefloor.

The Vex Collection: s/t (Carrier Records, 2022)

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The Vex Collection: s/t

The Vex Collection’s debut is a celebration of reeds and percussion, with multiple bagpipes and traditional Korean woodwind instruments meeting gongs and flailing, octopus-limbed drumming. To top it all off, there’s live electronics adding some extra sizzle. “Ira Minervae” sets the album in gear with an energy burst of percussion and droning sun rays. “Hex Cleanse” has some more stiff, scorching bagpipe drone but its jazz elements bubble under and come close to taking over. “A Rare Lightness” is a more dynamic electroacoustic piece which avoids drums and focuses on suspended notes augmented by electronic effects. It’s mesmerizing. “Bagslingers” is a collision of avant-jazz and bagpipes that demonstrates how you can wield a bag like an axe, and “Dirge” has a little more swing than its title suggests. “Fugue” is one of the more drone-heavy pieces on the album, but easily one of its most triumphant. The album’s liner notes provide details about where all the instruments originate and how they’re constructed.

5ubaruu & saves: S5 (Landline Collective, 2022)

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5ubaruu & saves: S5

Both of these producers are unknown to me, but they’re part of Landline Collective, which also includes several neo-jungle/breakcore/rave artists that I’m into, such as Nanoray, Windowshopping, DJ Klaptrap, and Bye2. This EP is short but loaded with emotions. 5ubaruu’s “parisian skyline” mixes haunting choral vocals, sparkling melodies, and some brutal choppage and break scattering. Much of this is comparable, with breaks often diced into micro-shreds while the textures are sweet and glimmering. Both solo tracks by saves are a bit hazier, but eventually come through with some sunlight-soaked midtempo breaks. And the finale “moving on” is just simply gorgeous.

Bézier: Valencia (Dark Entries, 2022)

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Bézier: Valencia

Bézier’s fifth Dark Entries release starts out in a sort of sci-fi industrial disco mode with “Resurrection”. Then “Past the Marches” has a faster tempo suggesting hi-NRG, but uneasy synths that feel like Aphexian braindance on the verge of a breakdown. “Valencia” is comparable, but more frantic, and just far more together. It’s fast, racing, dramatic, and just absolutely on point. The skipping beat patterns and elegant vocals add a whole lot of zest to “Reservoir”, and “Scrupulous” is a brief jog straight up to the stars. “Ravel” is upbeat but still moderately paced compared to other tracks on here, and it also has an ecstatic “reach for the stars” feeling.

Grandmaster Masese: s/t LP (Dagoretti Records, 2021)

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Grandmaster Masese: s/t LP

A few years ago, Grandmaster Masese released a single displaying his mastery of the Obokano (a giant eight-stringed lyre from Kenya), recorded right on the street with crowd noise audible. His new album is a studio recording featuring musicians such as Dave Sharp and Mike List, as well as production by Dr. Pete Larson. It comes closer to the psychedelic rock sound of Larson’s Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band, with atmospheric synths and blazing guitars snaking around the buzzing Obokano and complex polyrhythms. The sound is a mixture of cosmic swirling and sharp twanging, with something approaching a refracted Latin jazz style on “Orogena”, and it’s all intoxicating.

Show #618 – 2/20/22

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12:00 am Animal Collective ~ Prester John ~ Time Skiffs (new) ~ Domino ~ 2022
12:06 am Pan•American ~ Nightwater ~ The Patience Fader (new) ~ Kranky ~ 2022
12:09 am The Body & OAA ~ Ignorant Messiah ~ Enemy of Love (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2022
12:11 am Prolaps ~ Tricked by the Light ~ Ultra Cycle Pt. 4: Hibernal Death (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2021
12:17 am DJ GIRL (local) ~ WEIRDOS IN ATX ~ 2022 RMX (30HR VERSION) (new) ~ Eat Dis ~ 2022
12:23 am Newcleus ~ Let’s Jam (12 Inch Dub) ~ Space Is The Place ~ Jam On Productions ~ 1985
12:31 am Tank and the Bangas feat. PJ Morton ~ TSA ~ Friend Goals ~ Verve Forecast ~ 2020
12:36 am Klein ~ The Haunting Of Grace ~ Harmattan (new) ~ PentaTone ~ 2021
12:41 am The Vex Collection ~ Ira Minervae ~ The Vex Collection (new) ~ Carrier Records ~ 2022
12:47 am Elephant9 ~ Chemical Boogie ~ Arrival Of The New Elders ~ Rune Grammofon ~ 2021
12:52 am Gnod ~ A Very Special Request ~ Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy ~ Rocket Recordings ~ 2010
1:00 am The Dead C ~ The Sky Above ~ Unknowns ~ Ba Da Bing ~ 2020
1:06 am Reptaliens ~ I Feel Fine ~ Multiverse (new) ~ Captured Tracks ~ 2022
1:09 am Belle and Sebastian ~ Seeing Other People ~ What to Look for in Summer ~ Matador ~ 2020
1:13 am Mazzy Star ~ Blue Flower (by request) ~ She Hangs Brightly ~ Rough Trade ~ 1990
1:16 am Hedvig Mollestad Trio ~ Gimbal ~ Ding Dong. You’re Dead. ~ Rune Grammofon ~ 2021
1:22 am Nick Cave ~ Palaces of Montezuma ~ Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace ~ Bad Seed Ltd ~ 2020
1:25 am Motörhead ~ Shoot You in the Back ~ No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith ~ BMG ~ 1981
1:29 am Chick Corea & Makoto Ozone ~ Snapshot ~ Resonance (new) ~ Universal Classics & Jazz ~ 2021
1:38 am Teddy Wilson Trio ~ Sweet Sue ~ Revisits the Goodman Years ~ Storyville ~ 1982
1:40 am Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers ~ Cranky Spanky ~ The Best of the Columbia & RCA/Vik Years (1956-1959) ~ Columbia ~ 1957
1:45 am Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane ~ Epistrophy (Alternate Take) ~ Another Side of John Coltrane ~ Craft ~1957
1:48 am Alan Skidmore Quintet ~ Old San Juan ~ Journeys In Modern Jazz: Britain ~ Decca ~ 1969

Crush Collision 2/19/22

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12:00 am Tyler Carr (local) ~ Baby Fundraiser (Long Version)
12:02 am buttechno ~ wb movement
12:06 am John Beltran (local) ~ Begin Again (Luke Hess Remix)
12:10 am Rick Wade (local) ~ Detroit Hustle
12:14 am Jon Dixon/minorINVENTION (local) ~ 12:03 in 303
12:18 am Mark Flash (local) ~ They Can Hear Us
12:23 am Will Simpson (local) ~ Black Bottom Messiah
12:28 am Monobox (local) ~ Drydock
12:33 am Knox / Hawkins (local) ~ Kalamazoo
12:36 am VVOLFGANG (local) ~ Whitesnake
12:40 am James Ruskin ~ There Was a Time
12:44 am Huey Mnemonic (local) ~ Virtuosity
12:48 am LSDXOXO ~ Baby
12:52 am Swan Meat ~ Suckling Grown (Pseudo Pulse Remix)
12:57 am Makaton ~ Over
1:01 am Mr G ~ Embassy
1:05 am Hornsey Hardcore ~ FloorBurn
1:11 am Ariel Sports x Seanni B (local) ~ Stay In Your Lain (Cvnt Mixx)
1:14 am RAVETRX ~ Facebook Karen
1:18 am India Jordan ~ Meri No More
1:22 am Briain ~ Laniakea
1:26 am James Bangura ~ Texts of Murakami
1:28 am K-Hand (local) ~ Boiler
1:32 am Jacinth & Teoni ~ Mansa
1:37 am Wheez-ie ~ Shut the Door (VTSS Remix)
1:42 am Altern 8 ~ Hard Crew (Denham Audio Remix)
1:47 am Dax J ~ East London Back Alleys (Jungle Techno Mix)
1:51 am Anz ~ Cheer Up Love
1:55 am Suzi Analogue ~ DANCEHA
1:57 am Brain Rays & Quiet ~ Slacker

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