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This is a very special presentation… a mix that I pieced together digitally over the past few months, but had been formulating for a few months before that. It’s partially an audio document of my first year in Ann Arbor, but it’s also a way to represent night bus on the radio airwaves. There isn’t really a formal definition of night bus, but credit must be given to boarders on a certain forum for developing the concept, and especially for posting a lot of ideas which I pretty much stole for this mix.

More than anything else these are just songs I’ve had stuck in my head to various degrees over the last year, that I thought maybe sort of there was some sort of underlying mood to.

NIGHT BUS RADIO: WPKN (89.5fm / October 24/25, 10PM-2AM

Hour 1
Brian Eno: “Music For Airports: 1/1” (edit)
Hrvatski: “Second Zero Fidelity Mandible Investigation”
Salem: “King Night”
Balam Acab: “See Birds (Moon)”
Memoryhouse: “Lately (Deuxième)”
Lil B: “B.O.R. (Birth Of Rap)”
His Name Is Alive: “The Phoenix, A Pool Of Ice” (+ extra reverb)
Autechre: “Pir”
Robin Fox: “A Handful Of Automation”
Swimsuit: “Evaporation”
Future Islands: “An Apology”
My Bloody Valentine: “Lose My Breath”
Saint Etienne: “Avenue”
Oneohtrix Point Never: “Returnal”
Altar Eagle: “Battlegrounds”
3puen: “So Mean”
Cold Cave: “Life Magazine (Prurient Remix)”
Burial: “Night Bus”

Hour 2
Billowing: track 2 from “Cruel Summer” 1-sided 12″
Arthur Russell: “Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See”
Rene Hell: “IV 18.54”
George Fitzgerald: “The Let Down”
Pariah: “Orpheus”
James Blake: “CMYK”
DJ Nate: “Ima Burn Him”
L Dot Man: “Grime Til I Die”
808 State: “Clonezone”
Leron Carson: “Red Lightbulb”
Moby: “Myopia”
Oh, By The Way: “Number Four”
Four Tet: “Sing”
Pass Into Silence: “Iceblink”

Hour 3
Emeralds: “Genetic”
Oneohtrix Point Never: “Computer Vision”
µ-Ziq: “Abmoit”
Cocteau Twins: “Pink Orange Red”
Games: “Everything Is Working”
Baths: “Maximalist”
Land Of The Loops: “Ambien”
Sun Araw: “Bump Up (High Step)”
Jamie Vexd: “In System Travel”
Gang Starr featuring Inspectah Deck: “Above The Clouds”
Toro Y Moi: “Thanks Vision”
VHS Head: “Gianasi”
Björk: “Possibly Maybe”
Zambri: “From The Starts”
Shamantis: “J. Biebz 800% Slower”

Hour 4
Skeppet: “Sargasso”
Discoverer: “Palm Tree Wallpaper”
CFCF: “Before And After Light”
Oneohtrix Point Never: “Nobody Here” (re-edit)
Venetian Snares: “My So-Called Life”
The Caretaker: “Lacunar Amnesia”
Dee D. Jackson: “Automatic Lover”
Michel Rubini: “Graham’s Theme”
The KLF: “Build A Fire” (slowed)
Billy Idol: “Eyes Without A Face” (slowed + effects)
Infinite Body: “A Fool Persists”
Love Inc.: “Life’s A Gas”
Animal Collective: “Loch Raven”
Secret Twins: “Get Out Of This City”
Skeeter Davis: “The End Of The World” (slowed + effects)
Burial: “Forgive”


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tomorrow, 10pm-2am on WPKN. a very special presentation. NIGHT BUS RADIO.

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