Fausten: Mercenary (Acroplane, 2022)

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Fausten: Mercenary

Former Ad Noiseam act Fausten returns with a new EP of steel-plated industrial sound sculptures. “Cathedral” deviates from the beat structures, instead taking a frightening, queasy detour through a suspicious stretch of a forest. “Jour De Gloire” is a vast, lumbering robo-beast constantly on the reload. “Mercenary” is hard yet finely pointed, with the “pop” sounds at the end of some of the bars setting it over the top. With heavy Scorn vibes throughout, the EP ends appropriately with a rework by Fret, one of Mick Harris’ other projects, mixing thudding post-Aphex beats with heavy waves of industrial dread.

Kloke: Cosmik Connection Vol​.​ 2 (Unknown to the Unknown, 2022)

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Kloke: Cosmik Connection Vol​.​ 2

Unknown to the Unknown recently started a series of atmospheric jungle records, and following Tommy the Cat’s first volume, Australian producer Kloke steps up. He’s released music on Coco Bryce and Tim Reaper’s labels, and this is easily up to their quality level. “Crystal Caves” has holographic synth swells, but also pummeling breaks at just the right moments. “All Around” is a more reflective, filter-breaky tune that revolves around your mind and practically beckons you to stop and look around without actually sampling that Ferris Bueller quote. “Dreams” is a more Timeless-style percussive storm, with a lovely rinse-out. Finally, “Rhythm Equation” sparkles and glides without kicking into overdrive.

Show #638 – 7/31/22

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Special archival broadcast next week, as I will be in Amsterdam for DEKMANTEL!
12:00 am Kennebec Feat. Hemlock Ernst & Sudan Archives ~ Tall Tales ~ single (new) ~ Night Time Stories ~ 2022
12:03 am Ernest Hood ~ Bedroom of the Absent Child ~ Back to the Woodlands ~ Freedom to Spend ~ ?
12:06 am Mdou Moctar ~ Chismiten (Jay Mitta Remix) ~ Afrique Refait (new) ~ Matador ~ 2022
12:11 am The Smile ~ The Smoke (Dennis Bovell Remix/Skinner Edit) ~ single (new) ~ XL ~ 2022
12:15 am África Negra ~ Ple Can ~ Antologia Vol. 1 ~ Bongo Joe ~ 1990s
12:23 am Juçara Marçal ~ Sem Cais ~ Delta Estácio Blues ~ Mais Um Discos/QTV ~ 2021
12:26 am Mice Parade ~ Could This Be Anywhere ~ Lapapọ (new) ~ Bubble Core Records ~ 2022
12:30 am Diatom Deli ~ Massive Headships of Centering Tiles ~ Time~Lapse Nature (new) ~ RVNG Intl. ~ 2022
12:35 am Iceberg ~ Harland Wolff Blues ~ Final Thaw (new) ~ Astral Spirits ~ 2022
12:49 am Florist ~ Duet for 2 Eyes ~ Florist (new) ~ Double Double Whammy ~ 2022
12:51 am Sun’s Signature ~ Underwater ~ Sun’s Signature EP (new) ~ Partisan ~ 2022
12:59 am Plankton Wat ~ Hidden Path ~ Hidden Path ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2017
1:04 am Jerry Paper ~ Duumb ~ Free Time (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022
1:10 am Ravyn Lenae ~ Light Me Up ~ Hypnos (new) ~ Atlantic ~ 2022
1:13 am The Range ~ Bicameral ~ Mercury (new) ~ Domino ~ 2022
1:18 am µ-Ziq ~ Giddy All Over ~ Goodbye (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2022
1:20 am µ-Ziq ~ Hasty Boom Alert ~ Lunatic Harness (25th Anniversary Edition) ~ Planet Mu ~ 1997
1:28 am Jeremiah Cymerman ~ Manifesto (for Iancu Dumitrescu) ~ Citadels & Sanctuaries ~ 5049 Records ~ 2021
1:36 am Saajtak (local) ~ Mightier Mountains Have Crumbled ~ For the Makers (new) ~ American Dreams ~ 2022
1:45 am Throwaway (local) ~ DINOSAUR. ~ Hand That Takes (new) ~ FPE Records ~ 2022
1:49 am Fred Thomas (local) ~ Repeating/Composition of the Whale/Post-Flood Edits ~ Those Days Are Dust: Dream Erosion Pt. 2 (new) ~ Dagoretti Records ~ 2022

Michael Orenstein: Aperture (Origin Records, 2022)

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Michael Orenstein: Aperture

Pianist Michael Orenstein named his new album Aperture for the way he filters and processes his influences through his own lens. He covers John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock and pays tribute to Manuel Valera, and also points to Billy Childs as a major inspiration. There’s plenty to enjoy on here, particularly “Not Today”, which is busy and vibrant. “Slow Coffee” is also pretty exciting, with lots of complex drumming yet a relaxed sense of confidence which makes it go down easily. The “Giant Steps” cover and Herbie medley are lovely. Not a whole lot to say beyond that, just a solid jazz album.

Iceberg: Final Thaw (Astral Spirits, 2022)

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Iceberg: Final Thaw

Guitarist John Kolodij teams up with both members of Baldi/Gerycz Duo (who are also in Cloud Nothings) for this short album of side-long tracks which seem unassuming at first, but reward patient listeners who stick around past the slow beginnings. “God Moves on the Water” is distant and glacial for a while, until all of a sudden the three musicians are stripping paint off the walls with explosive, warp-speed drumming and scorching guitar and sax firepower. “Harland Wolff Blues” is a far more meditative, almost plaintive piece at its inception, giving more time to Baldi’s nuanced saxophone strokes. Just as he starts getting gruffer and reedier, the guitars heat up and the drums start rumbling, and then it’s caught fire and detonated. Kolodij’s feedback is an absolutely manic scree, yet Baldi’s melodic wailing cuts a guiding light through the brain-fog. The way it melts down at the end is a nice touch.

Show #637 – 7/24/22

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12:00 am Carlos Niño & Friends w/ Jesse Peterson ~ WaterWavesArrival ~ Extra Presence ~ International Anthem ~ 2020
12:03 am Esmerine ~ Number Stations ~ Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More (new) ~ Constellation ~ 2022
12:10 am Christoph De Babalon ~ I Trusted You ~ Leaving Time (new) ~ Super Hexagon ~ 2022
12:14 am Lynyn ~ vnar rush ~ lexicon (new) ~ Sooper ~ 2022
12:20 am DJ FLP (local) ~ [ spirit link ] ~ single (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
12:23 am ODESZA ~ Healing Grid ~ The Last Goodbye (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2022
12:26 am Ars Dada ~ Eradication by Fire ~ STDIGI005 ~ Sonicterror ~ 2016
12:33 am Ars Dada & Dr. Roman ~ Pale Horse ~ STDIGI013 ~ Sonicterror ~ 2017
12:40 am Koreatown Oddity ~ Homeboys In Outer Space ~ ISTHISFORREAL? (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022
12:45 am Ravyn Lenae ~ Venom ~ Hypnos (new) ~ Atlantic ~ 2022
12:48 am Randolph (local) ~ Idle Time ~ Mahogani Music ~ Mahogani Music ~ 2004
12:51 am µ-Ziq ~ Brown Chaos ~ Magic Pony Ride (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2022
12:54 am Chase & Status ~ 5am ~ What Came Before (new) ~ EMI ~ 2022
12:59 am Moderat ~ Numb Bell ~ More D4ta (new) ~ Monkeytown ~ 2022
1:04 am Faust ~ Juggernaut ~ Punkt ~ Bureau B ~ 1974
1:09 am Jordan Reyes ~ Would I Were a Moth ~ Everything Is Always (new) ~ American Dreams ~ 2022
1:18 am Saajtak feat. David Magumba (local) ~ Oak Heart ~ For the Makers (new) ~ American Dreams ~ 2022
1:25 am Moor Mother ~ Ode to Mary ~ Jazz Codes (new) ~ Anti- ~ 2022
1:29 am John King & String Noise ~ Triple Threat ~ Centripetal Light (new) ~ Gold Bolus ~ 2022
1:40 am Cool Maritime ~ Temporal Dryft ~ Big Earth Energy (new) ~ Western Vinyl ~ 2022
1:47 am Jonas Reinhardt ~ Wretched Orchestra of Armistice ~ A Ragged Ghost (new) ~ Trouble In Mind ~ 2022
1:53 am Chrome Canyon ~ Looking Back Is Blinding ~ Director (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022

Christoph de Babalon: Leaving Time (Super Hexagon, 2022)

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Christoph de Babalon: Leaving Time

Christoph de Babalon’s newest EP feels almost wistful, moving beyond the darker impulses of much of his best known work and reflecting on separation. The breaks are as measured and precise as always, but there’s no forceful attack to the drums, nor does the music feel like it’s channeling a whirlwind of rage or deep, brain-clustering depression. “I Trusted You” has the most choppy breakbeats, but they’re skeletal and spacious rather than rolling. You could step to it but it’s not really dance music, and “Steps Into Solitude” goes even further from the club, with growling bass and popping micro-beats which nearly seem like an outline of a drum pattern. “The Upper Hand” (the opening track) is a similar mood but has more developed percussion. A much different space than either his breakcore or dark ambient works.

Show #636 – 7/17/22

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12:00 am Vladislav Delay ~ Isovihane ~ Isoviha (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2022
12:03 am Erik Wøllo ~ Chrysalis ~ Sojourns (new) ~ Projekt ~ 2022
12:07 am Corot Ghost ~ LOLTHRU$T ~ split w/ Dental Work, Forest King & Watabou ~ Placenta Recordings ~ 2010
12:09 am Machine Girl ~ Vainglorious Chorus ~ Neon White OST 1 – The Wicked Heart (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2022
12:14 am DJ FLP (local) ~ Relax Your Mind. ~ Voidwerks ~ Bandcamp ~ 2020
12:19 am Korin Complex ~ Winding River (Coco Bryce Remix) ~ Winding River ~ Miracle Drug Records ~ 2020
12:25 am Paradox ~ Desolator ~ 12″ (new) ~ Paradox Music ~ 2022
12:32 am Stephen Mallinder ~ Galaxy ~ Tick Tick Tick (new) ~ Dais ~ 2022
12:39 am Crass ~ What the Fuck? ~ Penis Envy ~ Crass Records ~ 1981
12:46 am Michael Orenstein ~ Eye of the One Fingered Sorcerer ~ Aperture (new) ~ Origin Records ~ 2022
12:53 am Devin Brahja Waldman & Hamid Drake ~ Ponder ~ Mediumistic Methodology (new) ~ Astral Spirits ~ 2022
1:00 am M. Geddes Gengras ~ Give as Proportion ~ Expressed, I Noticed Silence (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2022
1:07 am Fishmans ~ Walking In The Rhythm (Shinjuku-Version 2 Mix) ~ Walking In The Rhythm ~ Polydor ~ 1997
1:22 am Rose & LaJoie ~ A Horizon Purified ~ On the Crystal Seas (new) ~ The Jewel Garden ~ 2022
1:44 am Fred Thomas (local) ~ Unfit ~ Those Days Are Dust: Dream Erosion Pt. 2 (new) ~ Dagoretti Records ~ 2022
1:47 am Winged Wheel (local) ~ Passive But Jag ~ No Island (new) ~ 12XU ~ 2022
1:53 am Katalyst/Ali Shaheed Muhammad/Adrian Younge ~ Dogon Cypher ~ Jazz Is Dead 13 (new) ~ Jazz Is Dead ~ 2022

Fred Thomas: Those Days Are Dust, Dream Erosion Pt. II LP (Dagoretti Records, 2022)

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Fred Thomas: Those Days Are Dust, Dream Erosion Pt. II LP

Two years ago, Fred Thomas released Dream Erosion, a tremendous synth-based instrumental LP which ended up being a perfect soundtrack for a shut-in summer when every day seemed to melt together and there was no telling when anything would be back to normal. This is that record’s sequel, and while live performances and traveling have returned, so much else is still uncertain. This is a record of shaky, unsteady dreams which call out from some place of refuge, opting not to explain or ask questions but interpret life in recent times. Opening with the stormy, anxious “January Redux”, the album switches closer to the sound of Hydropark with “Unfit”, an indie rock instrumental with dub echoes dripping from colorful synth pulsations and a ragged rhythm. “Boat Cloak” is a bit darker and heavier, and has some intense and jarring sound design while still sounding pretty lo-fi. “Crisis Days cont.” also boils up a bit and works some smothered feedback noise into its festering drone. On the other side of the record, “Composition of the Whale” emerges from waves of hiss, with distorted yet tranquil melodies cloaking the freewheeling drums, which end up being ground into dust and eroded, just like the album’s title. “Post-Flood Edits” has an arpeggio synth melody blearing from the sunset, eventually showering it with effects so that it feels like your doubts and concerns are being amplified so much that they overwhelm you. “Light Bough” starts out as a tape-smudged piano melody before it snaps into focus, then “Tears of Joy” is a gentle, glimmering, slightly glitchy confection that floats like a sweet dream.

Rose & LaJoie: On the Crystal Seas (The Jewel Garden, 2022)

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Rose & LaJoie: On the Crystal Seas

The first collaboration between Brad Rose and Matt LaJoie grabbed me as soon as I hit play. Rose’s synths are vast, glowing, and radiant, and LaJoie’s guitar navigates, conjuring up stunning audio vistas. “A Horizon Purified” slips between psych-blues soloing into submerged, mind-altering effects and drones, and it’s an intense, fulfilling experience. “Remnants of the Sunrise” is closer to the album’s title, a light, shimmering new age piece which floats slowly and doesn’t look out in any direction. Just supreme calmness and tranquility. Nothing to complain about, nothing even really to observe. Just put it on and drift.

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