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I used to do lots of fun stuff at WRSU. I’m going to use this page to archive some highlights from my time at the station (2002-2008).

 Dr. S & The Phone-Ins on Radio Trifecta
By far the highlight of the short-lived Radio Trifecta program was the episode where me and Corey came up with a fake band on the spot, and Brother Christopher interviewed us. Dr. S & The Phone-Ins are basically the most pretentious band on earth, and here’s an hour of them. The music is actually stuff Corey did years and years ago, and it goes well with the talking.

A late-night collage me and Jared did. This involved MIDI files of music from the Nintendo game Dragon Warrior, Cool Edit Pro, and the delayed signal of the WRSU webstream being played off 2 different computers because the production studio was patched in as well as the FM studio. This one’s a favorite of mine, I still listen to it pretty often.

For Your Ears Only Part 1 For Your Ears Only Part 2
Another bit from Radio Trifecta. This was our fake Art Bell/Coast To Coast AM show.

Like Strawberry Stealing: A Radio Trifecta Drama In Answering Machine Messages
This was created for the disastrous 2nd episode of Radio Trifecta. It’s a radio drama entirely told through answering machine messages. Jared’s part is the best.


Sharif On Guiltphones Unedited
Outtake from the above radio drama. At one point I fall on the floor laughing and Corey says “Paul just said he’s getting sore!”


Patching Satisfaction
Figuring out how to patch in other studios, to the tune of an exotica cover of “Satisfaction”.


Red Rose Vs. Domino’s Part 1
I’m not on this, but I was in the studio at the time. Red Rose somehow thought it would be a great idea to call up a Domino’s in Compton and tell them that Jared was transferring there from New Jersey. And that he was a level 4 in the witness protection program. I don’t know how he managed to keep that guy on the phone for a half hour, but he did it. There were 2 follow-up calls but they were not as successful.

Red Rose Vs. Street-Team Promoter
More Red Rose madness. We got a CD by Frameshift (featuring Sebastian Bach of Skid Row) and we added it as a joke. But whoever was promoting it kept calling us up requesting the leadoff track, “Human Grain”. One time, while we were actually off the air because the transmitter had overheated, the promoter called requesting the song, and Red Rose just had a field day, and Corey managed to press record on Cool Edit Pro and caught about eleven minutes of it. Me and him chime in towards the end.

OMG I Feel Like My Mind’s Melting Right Now
Soon after the above was recorded, me and Jared did one of our late night collages and chopped up samples from Red Rose and the street teamer, and then me and Corey mixed samples of the collage w/ something he recorded at home w/ his guitar and laptop. That’s all I can remember about this piece, but it sounds good.

Couponically Impossible
Another Trifecta classic that I had no part of. Jared kept leaving Corey voice mail messages about quitting his job at Multi-National Pizza Corporation, and they were turned into a radio drama.

Brother Christopher’s Trifecta Plug
This is why Brother Christopher is a genius.

Radio Trifecta #1 Part 1
Radio Trifecta #1 Part 2
The very first official Trifecta (there was a #0 a few months earlier) from June 5, 2004. Lots of talking, the saga of Kenny and Fred, Spiro Agnew, and lots more talking.

Radio Trifecta #7
An epic sound collage (I think this was just me and Corey, no Chris) from 7/24/04. Sound quality is a little crappy because we had to record it from the ancient FM computer with a bad soundcard. But Corey always liked this one, so I’m posting it.


Radio Bifurcate 5-07-05
This was technically Brother Christopher’s show Hubbub City, but I dropped by so we did a crazy Trifecta-esque sound collage. He mostly played stuff in FM and I messed around with Cool Edit Pro in studio B.


Corey + Paul 7-29-05 Part 1
Corey + Paul 7-29-05 Part 2
A late night show we did. First part is a LONG collage (about 4 hours), the second part (2 hours) is us searching through the WRSU 45 library (which we basically got rid of because nobody else was playing them) and finding lots and lots of gems. This is when we discovered “Tutankhamun King Of The Nile” by Riccardo Wolf, and were basically convinced that we had found the holy grail.


Corey + Paul 8-30-05
A sequel of sorts to the above show. All these people are dead.


 Internet Song (DJ Clam Knuckle’s No Safety Net Re-Edit)
My all-time favorite PSA is the McGruff Internet song. I played it pretty much every show since we got it, and for my last show I made this epic remix of it.

Sammy Figgs Vs. McGruff 11-16-04
This is what happened when I introduced the McGruff Internet PSA to Sammy Figgs. We had a lot of fun with this and some of the other PSA’s when I did my show after his on Monday nights. Here’s but a few (there’s way more Sammy Vs. McGruff transitions on my harddrive).
Sammy Figgs Vs. McGruff 2-15-05
Sammy Figgs Vs. McGruff 3-29-05
Sammy Figgs Vs. McGruff 6-21-05

We Invented The Rickroll
Long before the whole Rickroll thing happened, me and Jared had a bit of an obsession with “Never Gonna Give You Up”. We had both sung it at karaoke, and we made a Cool Edit Pro remix of it on the air once. I expanded upon this and played it a few times on my show. Years later, after the whole Rickroll thing happened and had reached the point of being completely played out, I revisited the remix and finished it, in order to declare the Rickroll officially dead.

Volcano Worshipper’s Hour promo
A promo for my show, with me talking over Negativland. Yes, I used to do 10 hours of radio a week when I was in college. I recorded a new version of this for my WCBN show.


Unpopular College Radio
No clue who made this, it was a cart that’s been sitting in the WRSU production closet since (I’m guessing) the early ’90s. Therefore the sound quality isn’t so hot, but it’s still pretty funny. I played this on my WFMU Listener Hour, which you can listen to here.

NonProCon 04 Pre-Show
NonProCon 04
I can’t imagine why anyone who didn’t go to Rutgers would possibly care about this, but here it is anyway, NonProCon04, in which the Non Productive radio show goes to the grease trucks and gets a fat sandwich created and named after us. The pre-show is just Jared playing some songs and skits while we chime in, I had to go to class so I missed the actual NonProCon.

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