Show #577 – 4/10/21

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor ~ “GOVERNMENT CAME” (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) / Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ gaze at empty waters’ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & the London Symphony Orchestra ~ Promises Movement 6
Dopolarians ~ The Release
Acid Mothers Reynols ~ Outside the Inner Temple
Dntel ~ Back Home

Sharkula x Mukqs – Take Caution On The Beach (Hausu Mountain, 2021)

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Sharkula x Mukqs – Take Caution On The Beach

Chicago street legend Sharkula and Good Willsmith/HausMo’s Mukqs follow 2019’s Prune City with Take Caution On The Beach, another session of completely freestyled one-take rhymes over blown out future-shock beats. Sharkula’s word association games are kind of the opposite of battle rhymes — he always has a friendly, playful outlook and never seems like he’s trying to threaten anyone or put anyone down. His style is more like cartoonish improv comedy, with surreal turns of phrase (“go to Catholic Church’s Chicken”, “Darryl Strawberry Shortcake”) and preoccupations with fast food (vegan whenever possible) and booty jokes. He’s clearly bummed out about COVID-19 shutting down live music and limiting social interaction, but instead of dwelling on it for too long, he’s more interested in asking you a bunch of ridiculous questions like a nosy kid, inquiring about your restroom procedure directly before asking what candies and gums you like. The beats slap but also slump and zig-zag instead of being arranged in more upright boom-bap patterns, and there’s some heavier, more industrial moments, but even these lack the technological paranoia of most noise-rap acts. Nothing high concept, just supremely bugged out goofiness to get weird to.

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: Anticipation (American Dreams Records, 2021)

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Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: Anticipation

The first collaboration these two young guitarists is a set of desert-inspired 6-string and 12-string acoustic duets. The music is very warm and open, and playfully laid back, definitely sounding like a musical conversation between good friends. There’s some rustic slide guitar folk (“And So I Did”) as well as mellower tracks like “Cumberland Application” which have more of a nocturnal glow. “Sippin’ Amaretto” is a bit more abstract and off the grid, maybe the most psych-folk piece here. The cover of “Caddo Lake” by Michael Chapman is more straightforward and rhythmic as well as melodic, and definitely one of the highlights. Final track “Southern Filibuster” is a live recording, and they just seem so comfortable on stage and have a remarkable amount of energy.

The Cyclist: Weather Underground (100% Silk, 2021)

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The Cyclist: Weather Underground

The latest from one of the originals of the 2010s “outsider house” scene is another six tracks of lo-fi but high impact club tracks. The tape-saturated throb of his earlier work is still here, but it’s a little shinier overall, and there’s a bubbly, summery feeling to highlights like “Junglo”. “Weather Underground” mixes Afropop with acid and just seems like a really good summer festival house track. “Dubby Shanks” begins and ends with reggae samples, and “Crying for Sleep” has sort of broken beat rhythms, plus ethereal French vocals.

Deniz Cuylan: No Such Thing as Free Will (Hush Hush Records, 2021)

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Deniz Cuylan: No Such Thing as Free Will

Turkish musician Deniz Cuylan’s first solo album is a set of six delicate compositions for classical guitar, with subtle electronic enhancements and sparingly used cello and woodwind textures. While opener “Clearing” is sort of unassuming and drifts by softly, “Purple Plains of Utopia” is truly vivid, with beautiful interlocked guitar patterns and the other instruments rising up underneath at regular intervals. “She Was Always Here” breathes in a similar way, and switches to more of a gently dancing rhythm halfway through, with bowed strings rocking back and forth underneath the spiraling guitar sequence. “Flaneurs in Hakone” stunningly weaves a web of hypnotic patterns, rewarding close attention with its multi-layered details but also soothing and caressing. “Object of Desire” is a bit chilly and autumnal, with its triplets plucked rapidly like he’s trying to stay warm. The closing title track is slow and stately, with strings calmly rushing in, then gradually whittling away by the end. The album is short but heartfelt, and feels like a gentle, loving embrace while it’s playing.

Kalbells: Max Heart (NNA Tapes, 2021)

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Kalbells: Max Heart

Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver returns as Kalbells, following an intriguing 2017 debut album and an EP from last year. The project has expanded with the addition of Angelica Bess (of Body Language and NNA Tapes-signed Erica Eso, and guest vocalist with Chrome Sparks, Giraffage, and others), Sarah Pedinotti, and drummer Zoë Brecher, plus a host of guest artists, including Luke Temple and rapper Miss Eaves (on “Pickles”). The group’s sound is sleek, a bit trippy, a bit wobbly, and even celebratory, with all of these characteristics coming together on tracks like “Hump the Beach”. These are all compact pop songs, but they squirm in several different directions during their three or four minutes, with surreal lyrics and obtuse melodies which all make their own sort of sense in the end. “Max Heart” sums up the album well, with a spoken narration of a dream-like scene, followed by a break of la-la’ed vocals and a twinkling piano solo, all over a slow, woozy, carefree rhythm.

Rudy Adrian: As Dusk Becomes Night (Spotted Peccary, 2021)

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Rudy Adrian: As Dusk Becomes Night

Space ambient master Rudy Adrian’s latest album has a pretty specific vision, capturing the feeling of being alone in a picturesque nature scene right as the sun has set and the night has fallen, and the sky has turned various shades of purple. There’s something very sweet about this album; even though it’s painting aural pictures of nighttime, it’s focusing more on the magical feelings and spirits rather than the darkness. Several tracks have sounds similar to chirping insects, and “Moa Caves” starts with trickling water, so it all feels very in tune with nature. Some of the later tracks like “Western Wind” get spacier, but not necessarily darker. By “Sunny Day”, we’ve made it to dawn, and everything is clear, crisp, and rejuvenating.

Show #576 – 4/3/21

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Siete Catorce ~ Todo
The MFA ~ Oranges and Lemons
THUGWIDOW ~ Harmonious Cloud
Wolff Parkinson White ~ Veritable Rapunzel
møziz ~ Butterflyeffects
Applesauce Tears ~ Sexy Cali Speedway
Akasha System ~ Pool of Wonder
fon ~ 3433
Geri Allen ~ Dark Prince
Nancy Sinatra ~ Happy
KMRU ~ matching teal surfaces

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