Lewsburg: In Your Hands LP (12XU, 2021)

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Lewsburg: In Your Hands LP

Dutch Velvet Underground disciples Lewsburg return with a brief third LP which alternates between brief vignettes and very matter-of-fact mini-narratives. “The Corner” seems like a continuation of the Waldo Jeffers-style story that kicked off their last album, and “Getting Closer” is a further half-spoken reflection. This is definitely far from the rock’n’roll or pop side of VU, and it even seems to deconstruct the various aspects of the group that influence them, and focus on the specific ideas. The album’s final song, “All Things”, is a slow, violin-laced drone-out, yet it doesn’t get as intense as something like “All Tomorrow’s Parties”. It’s far more patient, and it continues in two parts, one by lead vocalist Arie and the second by bassist/percussionist Shalita. 23 minutes seems alarmingly short for an LP, especially for a two-sided one that plays at 33 RPM, but it says everything it needs to in that time, so not a moment is wasted.

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