Kittin + The Hacker: Third Album (Nobody’s Bizzness, 2022)

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Kittin + The Hacker: Third Album

Back in action after two Dark Entries-issued collections of lost tracks, Kittin + The Hacker return with their first album since 2009. Neither artist stopped putting out quality solo work, but this release just compounds the fact that they’ve always been on top of their game. Far removed from the electroclash hype circa 2001, this is just a solid collection of minimal synth, EBM, and electro tracks with tough, no-nonsense beats and inimitable vocals. “La Cave” and “Ostbanhof” deliver tinny drum machines, doomy synths, and spoken verses, while “Retrovision” is closer to technicolor Detroit electro, with fearless vocals nodding to Aphex Twin (“Selected ambient always works”). “Purist” is more of a longing club anthem, fusing house and Italo-disco with maybe a dash of Gina X. What might have been lumped in with a retro movement two decades ago now just sounds masterful and timeless.

Soul Message Band: Live at Blue LLama (Blue LLama, 2022)

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Soul Message Band: Live at Blue LLama

Chicago’s Soul Message Band performed two sets at Ann Arbor’s swanky Blue LLama Jazz Club on January 31, 2020. This album, released by the club itself, captures performances from the evening, including compositions by Grant Green, Jimmy Smith, Stanley Turrentine, and others. Chris Foreman’s B3 organ playing seems to serve as the trio’s lead vocalist, and its rich tones dominate pieces like Green’s “Matador”. Smith’s “Midnight Special” begins with a lengthy gospel-ish organ solo and some indistinct stage chatter, then the rhythm section of guitarist Lee Rothenberg and drummer Greg Rockingham join in for a relaxed blues groove that slowly strides along for more than ten minutes. Again, the organ soloing seems much flashier and more involved than the other parts. Louis Bellson’s “Easy Time” is played slightly faster, but is in a similar mode, although the guitarist gets a little more time to shine. The band stretches out for 13 minutes on Slide Hampton’s “Frame for the Blues”, with Foreman providing a big finish. Finally, Turrentine’s “Minor Chant” is one of the set’s most upbeat performances, and the band just sound like they’re radiating sunshine for the entire song.

Show #622 – 3/27/22

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12:00 am Denzel Curry feat. slowthai ~ Zatoichi ~ Melt My Eyez See Your Future (new) ~ Loma Vista ~ 2022
12:03 am N Kramer ~ Treadmill Patterns ~ single (new) ~ Leaving Records ~ 2022
12:06 am Xyla ~ On & On ~ single (new) ~ Leaving Records ~ 2022
12:09 am Prins Thomas ~ Film 006 ~ 9 (new) ~ Prins Thomas Musikk ~ 2022
12:13 am Destroyer ~ It’s In Your Heart Now ~ Labyrinthitis (new) ~ Merge ~ 2022
12:21 am Ed Schrader’s Music Beat ~ Echo Base ~ Nightclub Daydreaming (new) ~ Carpark ~ 2022
12:24 am RXM Reality ~ You Can Have All of My Body ~ Sick for You (new) ~ Hausu Mountain ~ 2022
12:26 am Master Boot Record ~ DISPLAY.SYS ~ Floppy Disk Overdrive ~ Metal Blade ~ 2020
12:32 am Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola ~ Distant ~ Open (new) ~ Hush Hush ~ 2022
12:38 am Sally Shapiro ~ Million Ways ~ Sad Cities (new) ~ Italians Do It Better ~ 2022
12:43 am Model 500 (local) ~ Sound of Stereo ~ Classics ~ R&S ~ 1987
12:50 am µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx ~ Unheard Melodies ~ Secret Garden (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2021
12:57 am GCOM ~ Helix Nebula ~ E2-XO (new) ~ !K7 ~ 2021
1:00 am Maya Jane Coles ~ Survival Mode ~ Night Creature (new) ~ I/AM/ME ~ 2021
1:03 am G Jones ~ A2C2I2D ~ ACID DISK 2 (new) ~ Illusory Records ~ 2022
1:07 am Nia Archives ~ Luv Like ~ Forbidden Feelingz (new) ~ Hijinxx ~ 2022
1:10 am Edan ~ Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme ~ Beauty and the Beat ~ Lewis ~ 2005
1:13 am Electric Jalaba ~ Briando ~ الحال El Hal / The Feeling ~ Strut ~ 2021
1:17 am Soul Message Band ~ Matador ~ Live at Blue LLama (new) ~ Blue LLama ~ 2022
1:26 am Charles Mingus ~ Tijuana Gift Shop ~ New Tijuana Moods ~ RCA ~ 1957
1:30 am Jeff Parker ~ Suffolk ~ Forfolks (new) ~ International Anthem ~ 2021
1:38 am A Love Supreme Electric ~ Consequences ~ A Love Supreme Electric ~ Cuneiform ~ 2020
1:50 am Hal Galper Trio ~ Rapunzel’s Luncheonette ~ Invitation to Openness (new) ~ Origin ~ 2022

Show #621 – 3/20/22

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12:00 am Ross Gentry ~ Nose to the Void ~ Apparitional (new) ~ American Dreams ~ 2022
12:03 am Chrome Canyon ~ Synthetic Dopamine ~ Director (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022
12:08 am Defrag ~ Open Seas ~ Float (new) ~ Hymen Records ~ 2022
12:12 am Colpitts ~ Up and Down ~ Music from the Accident (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2022
12:18 am Blue States ~ Warning Signs ~ World Contact Day (new) ~ Memphis Industries ~ 2022
12:22 am Lauren Duffus ~ Habits ~ Dubplate 07 (new) ~ AD 93 ~ 2022
12:27 am Sudan Archives (w/ Kesswa and Ahya Simone) ~ Home Maker (Radio Edit) ~ single (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2022
12:31 am Nia Archives ~ Gud Gudbyes ~ Forbidden Feelingz (new) ~ HIJINXX ~ 2022
12:35 am Danielle Ponder ~ So Long ~ single (new) ~ Future Classic ~ 2022
12:37 am Yukihiro Takahashi ~ Are You Receiving Me? (Remix) ~ Tomorrow’s Just Another Day ~ Alfa/Yen Records ~ 1983
12:42 am Fly Anakin (produced by Evidence) ~ Sean Price ~ Frank (new) ~ Lex Records ~ 2022
12:45 am Defcee and BoatHouse feat. Kipp Stone ~ Ragnarok ~ single (new) ~ Closed Sessions ~ 2022
12:47 am Filter Dread ~ Neon Horizon ~ Continuum-Z (new) ~ E-Beamz ~ 2022
1:00 am Torn ~ Self Reflection ~ Grethen EP ~ Shiro ~ 2017
1:07 am Social Rhythm ~ Fictional ~ Love On Another Planet (new) ~ Oblivious Transfer ~ 2022
1:13 am Hooverian Blur ~ Old Gold (Low End Activist Park End Refix) ~ SNKRX09 (new) ~ Sneaker Social Club ~ 2022
1:18 am ZULI ~ Trigger Finger (Acre Remix) ~ Trigger Finger Remixes ~ Haunter Records ~ 2020
1:23 am Corporeal Face ~ Shake Your Brain ~ The Upward Spiral (new) ~ Acroplane ~ 2022
1:30 am Maya Shenfeld ~ Sadder Than Water ~ In Free Fall (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2022
1:37 am Herbert featuring Bianca Rose ~ Gold Dust ~ Musca (new) ~ Accidental ~ 2021
1:43 am Fort Romeau ~ Spotlights ~ Beings of Light (new) ~ Ghostly International ~ 2022
1:48 am Teen Daze featuring Cecile Believe ~ 2 AM (Real Love) ~ Interior (new) ~ Cascine ~ 2021
1:53 am Axolotes Mexicanos ~ Te Quiero (…) ~ :3 ~ Elefant ~ 2021
1:56 am Anamanaguchi ~ Pixel Candle ~ Summer Singles 2010/2020 ~ Polyvinyl ~ 2020
1:58 am Rob Burger ~ Still ~ Marching with Feathers (new) ~ Western Vinyl ~ 2022

Social Rhythm: Love On Another Planet EP (Oblivious Transfer, 2022)

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Social Rhythm: Love On Another Planet EP

This is the second release on Oblivious Transfer, a label and art collective equally inspired by sci-fi comics, rave culture, and “otherworldly cryptography”. These are d’n’b-adjacent tracks which drift spacily, but provide a shock of rave NRG when necessary, like the hoover attack during “Holding On”. “Fictional” would be super mellow if it wasn’t for the break where it all disintegrates in the middle. The other two are more breakbeat-heavy, with “Loving Sum” being closer to ecstatic, but “Eternal Love” is actually surprisingly melancholy.

Crush Collision 3/19/22

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12:05 am Maria Chiara Argiró ~ Bonsai
12:09 am Logic1000 ~ Your Love
12:09 am DJ Kush Boogie ~ Club Tool 6
12:17 am Wayward ~ Ridge Road (Kareem Ali’s House Mix)
12:21 am DJ Sonikku ~ Land of Sky
12:27 am Blue Veil ~ We Live Inside a Dream
12:31 am Skee Mask ~ Driver
12:35 am TÄLOR ~ 1997
12:39 am Lone ~ Inlove2 (One Thirty Mix)
12:43 am Mani Festo ~ Shunt
12:49 am DJ One Time ~ VeChain
12:54 am Pugilist ~ Emanate
12:56 am James Bangura ~ 2129
1:00 am Surgeon ~ The Golden Sea
1:05 am SHXCXCHCXSH ~ Onge
1:09 am Belief ~ I Want to Be (HAAi Remix)
1:13 am Floating Points ~ Vocoder
1:19 am Etch ~ Red Moon
1:23 am Hooverian Blur ~ Old Gold
1:30 am Louis King feat. Brain Rays ~ Why Pree? (Renick Bell Instrumental Dub)
1:34 am Gábor Lázár ~ Stream
1:38 am Stenny ~ Blind Corners
1:43 am Nikki Nair ~ 1overf
1:47 am Corporeal Face ~ To Make It
1:52 am Lena Raine ~ Trance State (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)
1:55 am A2A ~ Lilac
1:59 am Beatrice Dillon ~ Carrier and Mask

Colpitts: Music From the Accident (Thrill Jockey, 2022)

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Colpitts: Music From the Accident

The artist most famously known as Kid Millions was in a car accident in early 2018, which severely injured his back and left him unable to work for several months. This album is an interpretation of the aftermath, starting out with no drums (his primary instrument) and feeling highly disconnected at first. “Bread” is a synth-led piece which flitters back and forth with no set rhythm, expressing a very “where am I?” state, waiting for everything to shift back into clear focus. “Up and Down” begins with a slow, sparse trudge of drums, which then multiply and overlap, sometimes falling in sync and sometimes lapsing behind, while modular synths bubble and hiss, with one very colorful splash adding a burst of life. Jessica Pavone guests on “Recovery”, and her microtonal viola winds around Colpitts’ scurrying free jazz drumming, while synths drone in a nearly tanpura-like fashion around them. It just feels like an astounding rebirth, breaking free, free, free, rediscovering one’s love for life all over again.

v/a: Continuum-z (E-Beamz, 2022)

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v/a: Continuum-z

Functioning somewhat like a state of the current neo-jungle scene, this is a can’t-miss selection of stellar breakbeat tracks. While lush vibes are abound there’s plenty of tracks that twist the paradigm. Filter Dread’s “Neon Horizon” could be a more straightforward d’n’b roller but it’s bent way out of shape, with very disrupted beats and bass that hits in fat, bell-shaped bullet points. DJ Cosworth’s “MTX in the RS” is just out of control, hitting you with the most explosive breaks after dramatic pauses. DJ Decay’s “Let’s Talk About That Trust Fund” mangles a mess of breakbeats under thumping kicks, and while it seems highly discombobulating, it’s arranged in a highly effective way that makes sense when you listen. Dwarde & Tim Reaper do jungle techno with suspenseful horror pianos, and DJ One Time’s track is a wobbly leftfield bassline side trip. Code 23’s “Dissipated” is maybe the most tear-out jungle smasher here, with all the atmospheric, euphoric synths and ecstatic soul diva vocals in place. Zoo Look’s “Rush” is more bleepy, ravey electro than jungle, but still fits into the continuum.

Corporeal Face: The Upward Spiral (Acroplane, 2022)

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Corporeal Face: The Upward Spiral

Total hands-in-the-air rave which has a big beaming smile on its face, and maybe a bit of a smirk at the concept of normal life. It seems like the modern hardcore producers have refined this style of music so that the cheesier, more gimmicky sampling of the early ’90s incarnation of this music is mostly absent, and that the more effective, pleasure-center-hitting elements of the tracks are present. (I’m not talking about more shitpost-y mashcore artists, I mean the types of producers doing more legit hardcore revivalism on labels like Sneaker Social Club.) This one has a nice balance between the more head-in-the-clouds ecstasy moments and the slamming mentalist breaks and Hoovers. The more junglistic “Shake Your Brain” is the highlight, though “What a Trip” takes the plunge further into madness.

Hooverian Blur: SNKRX09 (Sneaker Social Club, 2022)

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Hooverian Blur: SNKRX09

Lead track “Square Jazz” has one of those basslines that would just make you feel gooey when it’s played on a loud enough sound system, and the breakbeats and spacey synth noises just compound this into foolproof club elevator. “Sirens” is a solid breakbeat tune, but a little repetitive and feels more like a B-side. After that are two mixes of “Old Gold”, Hooverian Blur’s excellent single from 2 years ago which unabashedly flashes back to the rave era, with bits of “Vamp” and “Valley of the Shadows” stuck in. Low End Activist’s mix starts out with tricky electro beats in the beginning, then absolutely slams some distorted breaks in later, while stretching the sample of the lady recalling being in a long dark tunnel. There’s also a more ambient mix that just focuses on the flickering, glittering synths and squirming bass.

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