Running out of space

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So, I’ve been upgrading this site every so often so I can post more content. I’m running out of space, and the only way I can get more space is by upgrading to WordPress’s Business Plan, which provides unlimited space but costs a lot more money than I’m paying already. Since barely anyone actually listens to the radio shows I post (I’m guessing), I’ll probably just start deleting older shows to free up space. The playlists will still be available, I’ll just be deleting the audio. If anyone is really anxious to hear my radio shows from 5 or 6 years ago, download them now before I take them down.

still the best tape of last year. no contest.

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Sorry for lack of updates recently

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I was away on vacation this weekend so that’s why I wasn’t on the radio, and I’m extremely busy with my job writing for AllMusic, so when I get home from work I kind of just want to relax and not have to think and write more reviews or upload photos to my blog. So if there’s less content on this site other than radio shows, I apologize. On the plus side, you can check for my writing on now! But yeah, I’ve been overwhelmed and stressed more than usual lately. The more stuff I have to do, the less I feel like actually doing anything. Not having much of a social life and being awkward around people and being unable to meet new people doesn’t help either. Anyway.

this. exactly. 1000%.

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