Andrée Burelli: De Sidera (American Dreams, 2020)

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Andrée Burelli: De Sidera

Previously known as Bodyverse and based in Berlin, Andrée Burelli recorded her newest album in her native Italy. All of the songs have Italian titles, but the two songs with singing are both wordless. The lush, hypnotic music patiently unfolds, with sparse piano notes shrouded in mist and reverberating in a huge, empty, white space. “De Sidera” has a bit of a sensuous bassline and synths which twitter like insects surrounding Burelli’s enchanting vocals. “Aquilone Perduto” is short and sweet with a curious, piccolo-like melody. “Cum Sidera” has another slithering bassline and is closer to a sort of goth/new age/downtempo hybrid than the rest of the album. If it was still the ’90s, some producer would’ve slapped some slowed-down breakbeats and Gregorian chanting on it in an attempt to be the next Enigma, but thankfully it’s left to shine the way it is. The next two tracks feel a little bit like a step back for reflection, but “Leggeri Come Cenere” (the final one) has a trace of a bassline, giving something to hold onto before the album drifts into the ether.

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