Christopher Alan Durham: Peacetime Consumer 7″ (Space Case Records, 2021)

April 27, 2021 at 7:09 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Christopher Alan Durham: Peacetime Consumer 7″

Christopher Alan Durham co-runs the Detroit label All Gone with Travis Galloway (Traag, Siobhan), home to vinyl and cassette releases by Pure Rave, The Intended, Tarpit, and tons of other noise, noisy techno, and crud-rock acts from around the city. He also makes abstract electronic sounds as Church Shuttle and DJ Bando, and has played in several lo-fi rock bands like Quilt Boy and Roach Clip. This new single follows a solo tape on Soft Abuse and a single-sided tape pumped out during quarantine. The A-side, “Gratiot Crawl”, feels a bit slow and slurry even when played at 45, and he has a sort of exaggerated Iggy drawl, but even though he sounds kind of off his gourd, there’s still something pleasant about the way he traipses toward the general direction of the Eastern Market. “50’s House Blues” is way more down in the dumps, as he gets drunk off potato vodka on the porch and laments being broke and stuck in his run-down old home, feeling too burnt out to try and work towards making his dreams come true.

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