Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 1: Vernal Birth (Hausu Mountain, 2021)

April 25, 2021 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Prolaps: Ultra Cycle Pt. 1: Vernal Birth

Kill Alters’ Bonnie Baxter and Machine Girl’s Matt Stephenson debuted their Prolaps project last year with Pure Mud Volume 7, a psychotic hellrave explosion stuffed with ideas and manic energy. This year, they’re releasing a quarterly series of 2-hour tapes, and the first one landed at the beginning of spring. Vernal Birth is a bit closer to their Guilted Hexitation mix from earlier this year than the bratty digital hardcore/electro-punk of their album from last year, constantly flowing through ideas like a live set. The gonzo lyrics and kind of gross-out humor of the first album is pretty much absent here, which is fine because I’m more into this project for the beats anyway. But it’s essentially a nonstop train ride of neon-streaked radioactive kick drums and rapidfire triggered samples, for the first part at least. Around the center it dips into slower, sludgier rhythms but then sometimes flips faster breaks on top of them, causing some bursts of dissonance. “Oversoul Deprogammer” is 16 minutes of extreme K-hole tripping which seems to be pulling in several directions in an oblong motion, and the vibe changes a little after that. There’s still energy but they take the long way around rather than bounce and stomp through everything quickly. It definitely feels worn down after a hard night of raving by the end, but even then it’s determined not to stop until everyone’s collapsed on the ground. Can’t wait to do this again when summer hits.

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