Colin Potter: The Where House? 2XLP (ICR, 1981/reissued by Dark Entries, 2018)

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Colin Potter: The Where House? 2XLP

This is a deluxe reissue of one of the many cassettes Colin Potter released during the early ’80s, long before he became a major contributor to Nurse With Wound. Recorded entirely in his home studio, every song feels like it was recorded in a different part of the house, and all of the furniture, books, artifacts, mice, and even ghosts can somehow be heard in these songs. The first side alone switches from lo-fi avant-pop to ghostly drone to racing minimal synth to drugged-out, pitched-down creepiness (apparently involving a “secret police interrogation”). On the second side, “Later, That Same Night” is extremely trippy proto-techno with layers of backward sounds, a rotund bass line, and blazing guitars. “Ssroi’asitjk” sounds like the same track backwards, making it unclear which direction is which. “Leer” continues with the backwards escapades, this time in a speedy waltz tempo. “Jackpot” is also fast and playful, but also kind of off-balance and a bit sinister. Then there’s more than a side’s worth of bonus tracks, mostly recorded after the main album, and they similarly range from haunted soundscapes to entrancing loop explorations. While all of this maintains its homemade quality, the remastering job here is absolutely phenomenal, and it sounds way cleaner than its creator possibly could’ve imagined. Not a tiny bit of tape hiss, and a full, detailed mix. Another essential Dark Entries release.

XOR Gate: Conic Sections LP (Tresor, 2018)

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XOR: Conic Sections LP

Commissioned for an exhibit in Miami’s ArtCenter South Florida, this album by Heinrich Mueller (Drexciya, Dopplereffekt) is a continuous work made up of weightless synth sequences and detached melodies. It’s every bit as scientific and clinical as Mueller’s post-Drexciya work has been, but there’s still human sentiments behind the sparkling melodies of pieces like “Ellipse”. It definitely nails a feeling of being trapped in space and longing for any type of connection to anyone, but not in an overbearingly gloomy way. This isn’t as immediate as his most well-known work, but it does reveal itself the more you listen, and of course it’s essential if you’re like me and you need to own everything he and/or James Stinson have ever released.

v/a: Never Normal Soundsystem Singles tape (Never Normal, 2018)

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v/a: Never Normal Soundsystem Singles tape

Suzi Analogue’s Never Normal label released a series of digital singles this summer, mostly by up-and-coming artists. All of them are collected on this tape, which is available digitally or from Suzi in person. Most of the tracks are short and high-impact, starting with a footwork-influenced track from WORKFLOWW, Suzi’s project with Teklifer DJ Earl. Then there’s the choppy breaks, disco loops, and booty taunts of Ted Kamal’s “Coochie”. Following futuristic rap from RADiA and Nappy Nappa, there’s hybrid footwork-electro from J Words, whose “Dial” is light and speedy but also a bit jittery. On the second side, Ziggee Gold’s “Ode to Davina” is a highly intriguing bit of floating electro-R&B which suggests a lot more to come in its minute run time. The biggest eye-opener for me, however, is “They Still Hating” by No Eyes. Taking footwork-jungle hybridity to new extremes, this 11-minute monster encompasses too many emotions to count. It’s vicious, it’s savage, it’s sweet, it’s alienated, it’s hopeful, and it just bangs so hard. Somehow I’m being reminded of Christoph de Babalon, although this isn’t nearly as bleak. But it’s just so ambitious and overwhelming and powerful. Easily my favorite new artist of the year just based on the strength of this track.

iZueL_: We Will Never Be So Cool (Degenerate Trifecta, 2018)

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iZueL_: We Will Never Be So Cool

iZueL_ is a new name to me, but the Munich-based Spanish techno producer has been releasing a ton of music the past few years. The ten tracks on this album are all absolute belters. Very heavy and doomy, and highly focused while still having a human adrenaline rush to it. Some of the tracks are just solid, barreling techno (particularly early standout “Scripturam” while others have more intricate beat patterns (such as opener “PT5-2”). “JustAnotherLoopyDruffiTrack2” is an exquisitely arranged panic attack which just keeps descending to deeper levels of chaos. “Loopy2 (Primavera)” is far more optimistic, and even has a vaguely chiptune-sounding melody. This is all incredibly solid, inventive, and functional techno from a name worth looking out for.

Crush Collision 11/22-23/18

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10:01 pm Shigeto ft. Ian Fink ~ The Line Up
10:05 pm Max Cooper ~ Emptyset
10:09 pm Geotic ~ Maglev
10:13 pm Daniel Avery ~ Light of Falling Rain
10:19 pm DJ Arg ~ Pervers
10:24 pm RAAM ~ Blame
10:30 pm Eitan Reiter ~ Loop For Today (Sebastian Mullaert Live By The Dead Sea Remix)
10:39 pm Simoncino ~ Oh Baby Now
10:42 pm Maajo ~ Maajo (Call Super Remix)
10:49 pm Odeko ~ SodaJerk 3000
10:53 pm Otik ~ Notion
10:58 pm Pat Ca$h ~ Yakuza Beat
11:03 pm R Solution ~ Skinny Long Git
11:06 pm Andy Mac ~ Longships (Remix)
11:11 pm Mayacamas ~ Buttonwillow
11:14 pm Mitch Von Arx ~ Blizzard
11:21 pm Perel ~ Alles (Lawrence Le Doux Remix)
11:25 pm Amirali ~ Hidden Past (Fort Romeau Remix)
11:32 pm Tom Flynn ~ Marx
11:37 pm Sieren ~ Her Two Faces
11:40 pm DOTT ~ Hesitate To Turn Back (Boot Slap Ambient Remix)
11:46 pm Principleasure ~ Ryse
11:50 pm Myth ~ Falling Away
11:56 pm Man Power ~ Barranquilla Trifle (Ruf Dug Zouk Remix)
12:00 am SE62 ~ Night People
12:05 am Mathias Schaffhäuser ~ Spät noch raus
12:10 am Jay Anderson ~ Didn’t Care Too Much
12:15 am Âme ~ Positivland
12:19 am Marco Cassanelli ~ The Wrong Night
12:25 am Amine K ~ Hyperion (Dub Mix)
12:31 am Architectural ~ Electric Soul
12:37 am Avatism ~ Serpentine
12:44 am Dennis Quin ~ ACIDEN
12:48 am Orbital ~ Buried Deep Within
12:50 am Richie Blacker ~ Voices In The Echo
12:55 am Dodi Palese ~ Colourful Space
1:00 am Waajeed ft. Ideeyah ~ Strength (Jon Dixon Remix)
1:07 am Cassy x Pete Moss ~ You Gotta Know (Ron Trent Remix)
1:17 am In:State & Guili ~ Vizitoz (Lauer Remix)
1:21 am Mutant Dance Beat ~ Synthesized Antics of Evolution
1:27 am Love Island ~ Love Connection (Afterhours Mix)
1:31 am Westcoast Goddess ~ Blisstonia Babies
1:37 am Andre Wiken ~ Mameluco
1:39 am George Earnest ~ Dreaming Island
1:43 am Lauren Flax ~ Your Mom Likes Flange
1:48 am Posthuman ~ Jet Set
1:55 am Nathan Surreal ~ Eprex 4000

Black Noi$e: Illusions 2XLP (Vanity Press Records, 2018)

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Black Noi$e: Illusions 2XLP

Vanity Press Records’ first-ever full-length album is from Detroit hip-hop/house (but not hip-house) producer Black Noi$e, who released EPs on Vanity Press and Portage Garage Sounds last year. This album is filled with classic house vibes which are slightly broken and twisted. “Wake Up” is spacey and soulful, with glimmering piano fragments and a classic chugging house rhythm, sometimes augmented with a few extra kicks. “Ninety6” is co-produced by both Teklife’s DJ Taye and FXHE’s John FM, and it fashions a trippy, psychedelic loop to a stripped-down yet detailed house beat. “Jump Off A Building” hybridizes grime and house from an American perspective, fusing factory clanging with Godzilla horns. “Sunrize” is nothing less than what its title implies, with a truly hopeful melody fading in and shining through, in addition to shades of fluttering sax. “Pandemic” is closer to Stingray-esque electro but with sinister strings floating around. “B Lvde III” is a contaminated trap instrumental with clattering percussive loops and a thin but abrasive layer of swirling distortion. Screwball electro track “Oizo” is nearly wacky enough to resemble its namesake. “Xchange” is another grime-leaning house track, with brassy, waving bass dancing over its insistent, ticking beat. “Nite Drive” is exactly what it sounds like, and the type of melodic, cruising techno which could’ve come from nowhere else but Detroit.

Suzi Analogue @ University of Michigan, 11/10/18

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Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone @ UFO Factory, 11/15/18

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UFO Factory is back!!!

The arcade games are still there!

And there’s new (old) ones too! Wizard of Wor!

Fog machine on because it’s Something Cold night

Jukebox is still there

Davin’s clouds are still there

Merch table

Laika Dog is open again too!

UFO Factory logo on floor

Something Cold

Bathroom slime art

Nate Young

Nate Young

Nate Young

Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall

Hiro Kone

Hiro Kone

Hiro Kone

Hiro Kone

VXO: s/t EP 12″ (Vanity Press Records, 2018)

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VXO: s/t EP 12″

VXO stole the show on Color Plus’ Vanity Press EP from late last year. Now she has her own EP on the label, and it’s their first release with an actual printed sleeve and cover artwork. Produced by Color Plus, the record contains six songs with beats ranging from furious jungle to detached club mutations, all with yearning, ethereal vocals floating over them. “Why U Call Me” is a junglist pop song, with mashed-up breaks and sweet, commanding vocals up front. Following two more abstract songs, “Picture Of You” features tightly programmed, shifting breaks winding underneath more reflective, solace-seeking vocals. Then “Flower” is more manic yet dreamy jungle breaks, reaching Goldie-level cathartic, escapist beauty. The EP ends with “Alcanzarme”, a Baltimore club-inspired jam with rapid, complex, yet delicate-as-a-flower vocals in Spanish. Super inventive release, cannot get enough of this.

DimeSack: DimeSack Says God Says Fuck You LP (Blak Skul, 2018)

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DimeSack: DimeSack Says God Says Fuck You LP

This one wins a whole buncha stupid points for the title and cover art. The record itself is extremely anti-social garage punk with synths splattered over much of it, primarily played by the masked maniac known as DimeSack, except for drums by Tony Mangolassi (producer Anthony Manganaro). The third song is called “My Life Is Shit”, and that basically sums up the theme of this album. Most of the songs thrash by in a minute or two, but “Precious Blood” is slower and doomier. “So Fucked Up” has a bit of Cramps-y swagger, but clearly raised on hardcore. The album gets progressively more pissed off and unruly, and it just goes over the top in its pure vitriol; by the end it ends up being pretty refreshing (and also perversely funny).

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