Black Noi$e: Illusions 2XLP (Vanity Press Records, 2018)

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Black Noi$e: Illusions 2XLP

Vanity Press Records’ first-ever full-length album is from Detroit hip-hop/house (but not hip-house) producer Black Noi$e, who released EPs on Vanity Press and Portage Garage Sounds last year. This album is filled with classic house vibes which are slightly broken and twisted. “Wake Up” is spacey and soulful, with glimmering piano fragments and a classic chugging house rhythm, sometimes augmented with a few extra kicks. “Ninety6” is co-produced by both Teklife’s DJ Taye and FXHE’s John FM, and it fashions a trippy, psychedelic loop to a stripped-down yet detailed house beat. “Jump Off A Building” hybridizes grime and house from an American perspective, fusing factory clanging with Godzilla horns. “Sunrize” is nothing less than what its title implies, with a truly hopeful melody fading in and shining through, in addition to shades of fluttering sax. “Pandemic” is closer to Stingray-esque electro but with sinister strings floating around. “B Lvde III” is a contaminated trap instrumental with clattering percussive loops and a thin but abrasive layer of swirling distortion. Screwball electro track “Oizo” is nearly wacky enough to resemble its namesake. “Xchange” is another grime-leaning house track, with brassy, waving bass dancing over its insistent, ticking beat. “Nite Drive” is exactly what it sounds like, and the type of melodic, cruising techno which could’ve come from nowhere else but Detroit.

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