v/a: Never Normal Soundsystem Singles tape (Never Normal, 2018)

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v/a: Never Normal Soundsystem Singles tape

Suzi Analogue’s Never Normal label released a series of digital singles this summer, mostly by up-and-coming artists. All of them are collected on this tape, which is available digitally or from Suzi in person. Most of the tracks are short and high-impact, starting with a footwork-influenced track from WORKFLOWW, Suzi’s project with Teklifer DJ Earl. Then there’s the choppy breaks, disco loops, and booty taunts of Ted Kamal’s “Coochie”. Following futuristic rap from RADiA and Nappy Nappa, there’s hybrid footwork-electro from J Words, whose “Dial” is light and speedy but also a bit jittery. On the second side, Ziggee Gold’s “Ode to Davina” is a highly intriguing bit of floating electro-R&B which suggests a lot more to come in its minute run time. The biggest eye-opener for me, however, is “They Still Hating” by No Eyes. Taking footwork-jungle hybridity to new extremes, this 11-minute monster encompasses too many emotions to count. It’s vicious, it’s savage, it’s sweet, it’s alienated, it’s hopeful, and it just bangs so hard. Somehow I’m being reminded of Christoph de Babalon, although this isn’t nearly as bleak. But it’s just so ambitious and overwhelming and powerful. Easily my favorite new artist of the year just based on the strength of this track.

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