Colin Potter: The Where House? 2XLP (ICR, 1981/reissued by Dark Entries, 2018)

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Colin Potter: The Where House? 2XLP

This is a deluxe reissue of one of the many cassettes Colin Potter released during the early ’80s, long before he became a major contributor to Nurse With Wound. Recorded entirely in his home studio, every song feels like it was recorded in a different part of the house, and all of the furniture, books, artifacts, mice, and even ghosts can somehow be heard in these songs. The first side alone switches from lo-fi avant-pop to ghostly drone to racing minimal synth to drugged-out, pitched-down creepiness (apparently involving a “secret police interrogation”). On the second side, “Later, That Same Night” is extremely trippy proto-techno with layers of backward sounds, a rotund bass line, and blazing guitars. “Ssroi’asitjk” sounds like the same track backwards, making it unclear which direction is which. “Leer” continues with the backwards escapades, this time in a speedy waltz tempo. “Jackpot” is also fast and playful, but also kind of off-balance and a bit sinister. Then there’s more than a side’s worth of bonus tracks, mostly recorded after the main album, and they similarly range from haunted soundscapes to entrancing loop explorations. While all of this maintains its homemade quality, the remastering job here is absolutely phenomenal, and it sounds way cleaner than its creator possibly could’ve imagined. Not a tiny bit of tape hiss, and a full, detailed mix. Another essential Dark Entries release.

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