Letta: Testimony (Coyote, 2015)

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Letta: Testimony

Letta: Testimony

Haven’t really heard too much about Letta, and he’s not the only artist using that name so Last.fm isn’t any help, but this is a seriously great, lush instrumental grime album in the vein of Logos or Strict Face. It’s the type of album that as soon as I put it on, it sounds immediately familiar and comfortable, yet it still has unique sounds and approaches to rhythm. Very spacious and considered, it takes its time to build the skeletal rhythms and translucent bass sounds, along with ghostly voices and Castlevania-like effects. Those video game shattering noises in “The Recluse” are grin-inducing, and I swear I’ve heard that weightless bass melody before, but it sounds so good. “North Face” can’t help throwing in an already over-used R&B sample, because every producer does that, but “Do You Ever See” samples late-period Everything But The Girl, so he gets points for that. Letta and Last Japan trade remixes at the end of the album, and Last Japan seems to have more of a developed sound, and his style is a bit more dramatic. Despite a few gunshot sounds here and there, this definitely isn’t the type of overwhelming, suffocating, noisy grime album that a lot of producers have been releasing as of late, it’s sparse and melodic and melancholy, and not really club-friendly, but definitely accessible. Certainly a name to watch.

Daniël Jacques: Discovery Change (Part 3) 12″ (Jadac Recordings, 2015)

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Daniël Jacques: Discovery Change (Part 3) 12"

Daniël Jacques: Discovery Change (Part 3) 12″

Mellow but still very detailed house. Relaxing chords with lots of echo-drenched samples and percussion samples. A very ocean-waves-at-night feeling. The A-side is a 7-minute club track, but the B-side is a short, eerie spoken word sample piece and then a softly skipping track with cutup vocals and trumpet. Really nice and soothing, but not by-the-numbers chillout music, there’s way more to it than that.

Show #328 – 1/23/16

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Hour 1
2:01 am Third Eye Foundation ~ “Semtex” ~ 12″ ~ Domino ~ 1996
2:11 am CDR ~ “Soumatou” ~ split 12″ w/ DJ Topgear (new) ~ AD AAD AT ~ 2015
2:17 am Rabit & Dedekind Cut ~ “R&D-iv” ~ R&D (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2016
2:20 am Kip Anderson and the Tides ~ “Stranger On the Shore” ~ Shango! Night in a Quiet Village ~ Kapp ~ 1965
2:23 am Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas ~ “Lexachast” ~ http://lexachast.com/ (new) ~ 2016
2:39 am Roly Porter ~ “High Places” ~ Third Law (new) ~ Tri Angle ~ 2016
2:43 am Steve Roach ~ “Endorphin Dreamtime” ~ Live in Tucson – Pinnacle Moments 02-14-2015 (new) ~ Timeroom Editions ~ 2015
2:53 am Pinch ~ “Qawwali” ~ 12″ ~ Planet Mu ~ 2006
Hour 2
3:00 am Shapednoise ~ “Escalation” ~ Different Selves (new) ~ Type ~ 2015
3:04 am Benny Boeldt ~ “Phone Call” ~ 8 of Cups (new) ~ Carpark ~ 2016
3:08 am µ-Ziq ~ “Adenoidal” ~ mp3 ~ Soundcloud ~ 1995
3:11 am (703) 863-4357 ~ “Roger That” ~ Shine Operator (new) ~ Pastel Voids ~ 2016
3:16 am Void Vision ~ “The Source” ~ Sub Rosa ~ Mannequin ~ 2014
3:20 am Casiotone For the Painfully Alone ~ “White Corolla” ~ In Brighton ~ Bandcamp ~ 2009
3:21 am Shoc Corridor ~ “My Secret in the East” ~ Train of Events ~ Quiet ~ 1984
3:27 am Letta ~ “The Recluse” ~ Testimony (new) ~ Coyote ~ 2015
3:30 am Balam Acab ~ “ANDIWILLTELLU” ~ Child Death (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2015
3:39 am Morten_HD ~ “Blinded” ~ Naphtha (new) ~ Visual Disturbances ~ 2015
3:42 am Color Plus ~ “Mysa Parsec” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
3:45 am Shalt ~ “Unconfined” ~ Acheron (new) ~ Astral Plane ~ 2016
3:49 am NA ~ “Cellar Theme” ~ Cellar (new) ~ Fade to Mind ~ 2016
3:54 am Inner Travels ~ “VII” ~ Bakasyiong (new) ~ Phinery ~ 2016
Hour 3
4:01 am Alex Smoke ~ “Star at the Summit” ~ Love Over Will (new) ~ R&S ~ 2016
4:04 am Astral Social Club ~ “Moonage Daydream” ~ 7″ ~ Must Die Records ~ 2013
4:09 am Qnete ~ “Grey City Anthem” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Zckr ~ 2016
4:21 am Gloria Ann Taylor ~ “Deep Inside of You (12″ version)” ~ Love is a Hurtin’ Thing ~ Luv N’ Haight Records ~ 1970s
4:23 am The Leaf Library ~ “Tilting” ~ Daylight Versions (new) ~ Where It’s At Is Where You Are ~ 2015
4:26 am Valet ~ “Signs” ~ Nature ~ Kranky ~ 2015
4:30 am Architectural ~ “Sentir” ~ Amour (new) ~ Wolfskuil ~ 2015
4:36 am Half Japanese ~ “That is That” ~ Perfect (new) ~ Hardly Art ~ 2016
4:38 am Cindy Lee ~ “New Romance” ~ Act Of Tenderness ~ CCQSK Records ~ 2015
4:41 am Lush ~ “I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind” ~ Chorus ~ 4AD ~ 1996
4:43 am Masters ~ “Rutger Hauer” ~ 7″ ~ AD AAD AT ~ 2015
4:46 am HNY ~ “Ghost” ~ 7″ ~ Spleencoffin ~ 2015
4:49 am Cross Record ~ “High Rise” ~ Wabi Sabi (new) ~ Ba Da Bing ~ 2016
4:52 am Swans ~ “The Other Side Of The World” ~ Love of Life ~ Young God ~ 1992
4:56 am Pumice ~ “Bolus” ~ Puddles (new) ~ Soft Abuse ~ 2015
4:59 am Maxi Bacon ~ “Yourownhealthandthhealthofthoseyouloveissomethingtobecherished” ~ Maci Baxon ~ AD AAD AT ~ 2014
Hour 4
5:00 am Gavin Gamboa ~ “Mantra” ~ Wheel of Time (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2015
5:05 am Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri ~ “Two Dolphins Go Dancing” ~ Toy Planet ~ Spoon/Mute ~ 1981
5:08 am Liquid G ~ “Techno Chaos” ~ The ’96 Chaos Creations ~ Liquid Produkts ~ 1996
5:11 am Majeure ~ “Physis” ~ Union of Worlds (new) ~ Constellation Tatsu ~ 2015
5:15 am Longmont Potion Castle ~ “Little Miss Clackamas” ~ 12 (new) ~ D.U. Records ~ 2015
5:24 am Shredderghost ~ “Oxide Field” ~ Weaved Regolith ~ Invisible City Records ~ 2015
5:34 am Cicada ~ “Blooms in Dark” ~ Ocean (new) ~ flau ~ 2015
5:41 am Infinite Body ~ “Slow of Heart” ~ Avolition (new) ~ Isounderscore ~ 2015
5:50 am Ray Sammartano ~ “Visionweaver” ~ Through the Chronos Lens (new) ~ Self-Released ~ 2015

Crush Collision 1/21/16

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Hour 1
10:00 pm Golden Teacher ~ “Raveinstigator”
10:07 pm Majeure ~ “Posthuman”
10:10 pm Tycho ~ “L (Dusty Brown Remix)”
10:13 pm Operation Midnight Climax ~ “A Manipulated Mental State”
10:19 pm Khotin ~ “Baikal Acid” [already in the running for best track of 2016]
10:23 pm Dwn Cx ~ “Serpent Sign I”
10:27 pm Tokyo Black Star ~ “Subtonic”
10:31 pm Orthy ~ “Oasis (Cosmic Kids Remix)”
10:34 pm Kölsch ~ “Die Anderen”
10:37 pm Tiefschwarz ~ “Morgen Abend”
10:41 pm Clarian ~ “Ver (11 AM Mix)”
10:46 pm The Silent Ones ~ “The Magical Party (Ben Watts Mix)”
10:52 pm Kiasmos ~ “Swept (Tale of Us Remix)”
10:55 pm Reinhard Voigt ~ “Wühler”
10:58 pm P.H.O.R.K. ~ “Zubu (Thbp – Fleshy Sinking Sound)”
Hour 2
11:01 pm µ-Ziq ~ “Misopyl”
11:05 pm Shapednoise ~ “Heart-Energy-Shape”
11:09 pm Simbiosi ~ “A245”
11:11 pm DJ Sodeyama ~ “Miles Pt. 2”
11:16 pm Ancestral Voices ~ “Selva”
11:17 pm nAX_Acid ~ “Bathyal”
11:24 pm U ~ “Oma”
11:27 pm Nightmares On Wax ~ “Sal”
11:30 pm FUSE ~ “Substance Abuse”
11:34 pm DUST ~ “Acid Bath”
11:39 pm Terranova ~ “Kepler186F (Hell Mix)”
11:42 pm Alight ~ “Sky Lion”
11:45 pm Detroit’s Filthiest ~ “Detroit Vs. Everybody (Instrumental)”
11:48 pm Letherette ~ “Rayon”
11:50 pm Jonny Oso ~ “Get Out Of My House”
11:56 pm LNS ~ “Guppies”

Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D EP (Ninja Tune, 2016)

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Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D EP

Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D EP

Out of nowhere, Rabit and Lee Bannon (now known as Dedekind Cut) just released this white label 12″ on Ninja Tune. It. Is. Un. Fucking. Believable. Rabit’s album was one of my absolute favorites from last year, and Bannon has been has been on a tear for a few years himself. But this 12-minute mini-epic blows all expectations out of the water. The four tracks here unpredictably jaunt between angry junglist soundclash bursts, gabber kicks, sparse yet bass-heavy hauntings, chopped-and-screwed snippets, and other sonic weaponry. There’s a few brief moments of stillness, but they’re violently, arrhythmically interrupted, and the third track feels like an all out war. The final track is a melting, aching post-garage track which brings to mind the fact that Burial hasn’t released anything in a while, but with other people making music this astonishing, I think we can wait a little longer. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of music like this in 2016, and I’m excited.

Ministry: Toronto 1986 (Cleopatra, 2015)

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Ministry: Toronto 1986

Ministry: Toronto 1986

Before they were an evil, guitar-driven industrial metal band, Ministry were a silly synth-pop group who tried way too hard to sound Euro. After a single on Wax Trax!, their first album With Sympathy came out on Arista in 1983, and the group hated the direction the label was taking them in and disowned the album. Al Jourgensen has been known to visit radio stations and smash their copy of the album. Nevertheless, their early synth-pop is still pretty great, and I feel like this type of music is way more in vogue now than it was a decade or two ago. Most of these songs appeared on their second album, the Adrian Sherwood-produced Twitch, which came out on Sire in 1986. That album found them moving towards their dark electro-industrial sound, but they hadn’t opted for heavy guitars yet. It’s one of their best albums. And of course, this live disc includes their goth club classic “Every Day is Halloween”, which, as cheesy as it sounds, still resonates to outcasts and weirdos like me. “My Possession” and “Where You At Now?” are faster, more electro-punk songs, and hearing them now, they strangely remind me of Dan Deacon. The music to “Isle of Man” still sounds pretty ahead of its time. The sound quality isn’t too bad, but it basically sounds like an above average bootleg. It doesn’t really matter, because this music sounds better when it’s raw and grimy anyway.

Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile (Mule Musiq, 2015)

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Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile

Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile

XLR8R named this the best album of 2015. I don’t agree, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Sparse beats, including shakers and other non-electronic percussion, as well as plucked strings. “Delir 2” introduces mellow keyboards, and constantly sounds like it’s going to break into a full-fledged beat, but it never does. Then some arpeggiating synths topple in sideways, and more sparse percussion, but no kick drum. “Delir 4” is kind of similar, another lush but minimal groove with nice instrumentation and some metal clanging sounds in the background. “Delir 5” is more of a chilled out dub-ish track with flakes of acoustic guitars. “Delir 6” is a bit more clicky, with more calm synths and gently hit snare drums. “Delir 7” also feels like it’s going to turn into a techno track, but gets sidetracked, with clattering can sounds and pensive synths. “Lumiere” is another odd, faintly pulsing track with abstract pianos, rattling percussion, and synth sounds imitating rainforest sounds. “Pan’la Glezne” is a pretty, starry ambient track.

Ambiq: 2 (Arjunamusic, 2015)

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Ambiq: 2

Ambiq: 2

Electro-jazz collaboration between techno artist Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric, NSI), clarinetist Claudio Puntin, and drummer Samuel Rohrer. The album is heavy with modular synths and other electronics, but this is clearly a jazz album, sounding improvised and barely controlled. Some of the tracks have steady drum beats, but not always through the entire song, and there’s no bass player, so the rest of the sounds sort of float around the percussion without really latching onto a groove. Some of the sounds echo and feel like reflections off a body of water rather than the actual objects. The album’s most bizarre, mutated moment is the gleefully trippy “Mytoprill”, which drapes a crashing drum rhythm with layers of flanged-out, acid-fried synths. “Naked George” and “Ephemera” are short, minimal, beatless experiments with eerie, theremin-like tones. “The Sedge” has fractured, arrhythmic drumming and blippy, bubbling synths. The album ends with the crystalline “Consolation”, one of its most calm, reflective pieces.

Running: Wake Up Applauding (Castle Face, 2016)

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Running: Wake Up Applauding

Running: Wake Up Applauding

First CD release from a garage punk band who’s put out LPs, 7″s and tapes on labels like Permanent Records (Chicago), Catholic Tapes, Captcha, etc. This album buzzes through in half an hour, with thundering drums, blazing guitar (do I hear some Ministry riffs in there?) and echo-chamber-fog vocals. Many of the songs run into each other nonstop as if this is a live recording, with waves of fuzz and echo and effects throughout the songs and providing transitions between them. The singer constantly sounds lost, terrified, paranoid, chased by rabid wolves. Also he might have some sort of radiation poisoning and maybe his face is melting away. The first 2 tracks are thudding and relentless, but “Speed Camera” seems to stumble along and occasionally speed up. “Wake Up Applauding” starts out thumping but then breaks down into a slow zombie crawl before getting back up to speed (and ending with a call of “CHICAGOOOOOO!!!” and airhorns and gunshots). “We Never Close” starts out with particularly lacerating guitar. Of the 2 interludes, “Interlude-B” sounds like it could have been found on the cutting room floor of a Suicide rehearsal. 5-minute closer “Art Seen” is sort of like 2 songs in one, starting out slow and pounding, gradually working up a sweat with the help of plenty of lazer-blasted guitars. A total acid bath of an album.

We Lost the Sea: Departure (Translation Loss, 2015)

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We Lost the Sea: Departure

We Lost the Sea: Departure

We Lost the Sea are an Australian post-metal band who used to do screamy sludge-rock a la ISIS or Cult of Luna. After their first album, singer Chris Torpy killed himself and they continued as a primarily instrumental group. Their newer material isn’t really metal at all, but post-rock, and it’s very spacious and well-paced. A few tracks have cello or trumpet, and there’s even a girl’s high school choir (but only on the first track, and it’s more textural than anything else). All of the songs on this album are basically about people who did brave, ambitious things, only to fail, but they still remained courageous and kept at it until the end. The liner notes explain all the stories. The final 2 tracks are about the Challenger space mission, and they end up being over half an hour total (and the include plenty of recordings of flight control transmissions and people on earth panicking). It gets heavy and dramatic, to be sure, but even with the ornate instrumentation, it doesn’t feel unnecessarily over-the-top. It has an oceanic feel to it. The album’s artwork depicts a lot of wide open panoramic vistas and landscapes, and the music sounds like that. The album ends on a super hopeful note, as it’s not intended to be an album about failure and tragedy, but of inspiration and staying true to one’s vision.

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