We Lost the Sea: Departure (Translation Loss, 2015)

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We Lost the Sea: Departure

We Lost the Sea: Departure

We Lost the Sea are an Australian post-metal band who used to do screamy sludge-rock a la ISIS or Cult of Luna. After their first album, singer Chris Torpy killed himself and they continued as a primarily instrumental group. Their newer material isn’t really metal at all, but post-rock, and it’s very spacious and well-paced. A few tracks have cello or trumpet, and there’s even a girl’s high school choir (but only on the first track, and it’s more textural than anything else). All of the songs on this album are basically about people who did brave, ambitious things, only to fail, but they still remained courageous and kept at it until the end. The liner notes explain all the stories. The final 2 tracks are about the Challenger space mission, and they end up being over half an hour total (and the include plenty of recordings of flight control transmissions and people on earth panicking). It gets heavy and dramatic, to be sure, but even with the ornate instrumentation, it doesn’t feel unnecessarily over-the-top. It has an oceanic feel to it. The album’s artwork depicts a lot of wide open panoramic vistas and landscapes, and the music sounds like that. The album ends on a super hopeful note, as it’s not intended to be an album about failure and tragedy, but of inspiration and staying true to one’s vision.


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