Running: Wake Up Applauding (Castle Face, 2016)

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Running: Wake Up Applauding

Running: Wake Up Applauding

First CD release from a garage punk band who’s put out LPs, 7″s and tapes on labels like Permanent Records (Chicago), Catholic Tapes, Captcha, etc. This album buzzes through in half an hour, with thundering drums, blazing guitar (do I hear some Ministry riffs in there?) and echo-chamber-fog vocals. Many of the songs run into each other nonstop as if this is a live recording, with waves of fuzz and echo and effects throughout the songs and providing transitions between them. The singer constantly sounds lost, terrified, paranoid, chased by rabid wolves. Also he might have some sort of radiation poisoning and maybe his face is melting away. The first 2 tracks are thudding and relentless, but “Speed Camera” seems to stumble along and occasionally speed up. “Wake Up Applauding” starts out thumping but then breaks down into a slow zombie crawl before getting back up to speed (and ending with a call of “CHICAGOOOOOO!!!” and airhorns and gunshots). “We Never Close” starts out with particularly lacerating guitar. Of the 2 interludes, “Interlude-B” sounds like it could have been found on the cutting room floor of a Suicide rehearsal. 5-minute closer “Art Seen” is sort of like 2 songs in one, starting out slow and pounding, gradually working up a sweat with the help of plenty of lazer-blasted guitars. A total acid bath of an album.


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