Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile (Mule Musiq, 2015)

January 21, 2016 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile

Petre Inspirescu: Vin Ploile

XLR8R named this the best album of 2015. I don’t agree, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Sparse beats, including shakers and other non-electronic percussion, as well as plucked strings. “Delir 2” introduces mellow keyboards, and constantly sounds like it’s going to break into a full-fledged beat, but it never does. Then some arpeggiating synths topple in sideways, and more sparse percussion, but no kick drum. “Delir 4” is kind of similar, another lush but minimal groove with nice instrumentation and some metal clanging sounds in the background. “Delir 5” is more of a chilled out dub-ish track with flakes of acoustic guitars. “Delir 6” is a bit more clicky, with more calm synths and gently hit snare drums. “Delir 7” also feels like it’s going to turn into a techno track, but gets sidetracked, with clattering can sounds and pensive synths. “Lumiere” is another odd, faintly pulsing track with abstract pianos, rattling percussion, and synth sounds imitating rainforest sounds. “Pan’la Glezne” is a pretty, starry ambient track.


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