Show #606 – 11/7/21

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This technically started at the second 1 AM because of daylight savings fall-back.
1:00 am Darius Jones ~ Nonaah ~ Raw Demoon Alchemy (A Lone Operation) (new) ~ Northern Spy ~ 2021
1:10 am MC Pilato ~ Mama Ashura ~ Sounds of Pamoja (new) ~ Nyege Nyege Tapes ~ 2021
1:15 am FFF ~ One Tribe ~ One Tribe EP (new) ~ Lobster Theremin ~ 2021
1:20 am PinkPantheress ~ Noticed I Cried ~ to hell with it (new) ~ Parlophone ~ 2021
1:22 am Kedr Livanskiy ~ My Invisible ~ Liminal Soul (new) ~ 2MR ~ 2021
1:26 am brin ~ Piscean Tumble ~ Water Sign (new) ~ sound as language ~ 2021
1:30 am Markus Guentner ~ Concept of Credence ~ Extropy (new) ~ A Strangely Isolated Place ~ 2021
1:37 am Quentin Ahmad DaGod ft. Danny Brown (local) ~ Handbills ~ N.O.A.H (new) ~ Bruiser Brigade ~ 2021
1:39 am Gerald Cleaver (local) ~ Geri Allen ~ Griots (new) ~ Positive Elevation ~ 2021
1:44 am Watkins/Peacock ~ Love ~ Acid Escape Vol 3 (new) ~ Freaks ~ 2021
1:53 am Prince Far I ~ Light of Fire ~ Free From Sin ~ Trojan ~ 1979
1:56 am Dorothy Ashby ~ The Moving Finger ~ The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby ~ Cadet ~ 1970
2:02 am Goldmund ~ The One Who Stands By ~ The Time It Takes ~ Western Vinyl ~ 2020
2:06 am Albert Ayler Quartet ~ C.A.C ~ The Hilversum Session ~ ESP-Disk ~ 1964
2:10 am The Mothers ~ Guitar Build ’70 ~ The Mothers 1970 ~ Zappa ~ 1970
2:15 am John Dwyer, et al. ~ Spoofing ~ Moon-Drenched (new) ~ Castle Face ~ 2021
2:20 am Circuit des Yeux ~ Dogma ~ -io (new) ~ Matador ~ 2021
2:23 am Balmorhea ~ Ne Plus Ultra ~ The Wind (new) ~ Deutsche Grammophon ~ 2021
2:26 am Field Works ~ but we want to be known ~ Maples, Ash, and Oaks: Cedars Instrumentals (new) ~ Temporary Residence ~ 2021
2:30 am C418 ~ Blocks ~ Minecraft Volume Beta ~ Ghostly International ~ 2013
2:36 am Mint Field ~ Delicadeza ~ Sentimento Mundial ~ Felte ~ 2020
2:39 am Masao Nakajima Quartet ~ Kemo Sabe ~ J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan Volume 3 ~ BBE ~ 1979
2:45 am Yusef Lateef ~ Sister Mamie ~ Spiritual Jazz XII: Impulse! ~ Jazzman ~ 1965
2:50 am Walter Bishop Jr ~ Waltz for Zweetie ~ Coral Keys ~ Black Jazz ~ 1971
2:55 am Doug Carn ~ New Moon ~ Spirit of the New Land ~ Black Jazz ~ 1972

Crush Collision 11/4/21

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10:00 pm Lost In Space ~ Close Your Eyes
10:04 pm Tuff Sherm ~ Armorine
10:08 pm Systm B ~ Life In Blue (Loop 4 Life Mix)
10:13 pm The Juan Maclean ~ The Brighter the Light
10:19 pm Jaga Jazzist ~ Apex
10:26 pm BRONSON feat. lau.ra ~ Heart Attack (Offaiah Remix)
10:30 pm Robag Wruhme ~ No
10:36 pm Crooked Man ~ Walls (Subsidence Version)
10:39 pm David Alvaredo ~ Klugh (Main Mix)
10:46 pm Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ~ Heartbreak (Kerri Chandler Remix)
10:50 pm DJ Sneak vs Tripmastaz ~ Even More Nasty Shit
10:54 pm Bobby Draino ~ Sean’s Beach
10:59 pm Falcon Black Ops ~ Twelve
11:02 pm 3 2 6 ~ Falling (Armando’s House Mix)
11:05 pm Neil Landstrumm feat. Si Begg ~ Hell Is Other People
11:07 pm Basic Rhythm ~ Techno
11:11 pm 1800HaightStreet ~ Intuitionist
11:15 pm Cocktail Party Effect ~ I Feel Sick
11:19 pm Rory St John ~ Dream Sequence
11:24 pm Arnaud Rebotini ~ Digital Lock Down (Phase Fatale Remix)
11:28 pm Fear-E ~ New Cycles
11:33 pm Phosphene ~ Metro
11:38 pm James Ruskin ~ Social Acceptance
11:42 pm Underworld ~ Ramajama
11:49 pm Cabaret Voltaire ~ Skinwalker

James Fella & Gabriella Isaac: CCTK Music LP (Gilgongo, 2021)

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James Fella & Gabriella Isaac: CCTK Music LP

On the first side of this LP, James Fella produces metallic tones with a cymbal and a kalimba, additionally using tape to further deconstruct. Gabriella Isaac processes the sounds and adds additional feedback and effects, and both artists process each other’s output in real time. We hear rumbling electric storm clouds, static spray, and a much clearer patch of rolling kalimba near the end, and it all resembles an intense, supernatural wrestling match using fire and black magic. This material was cut to six stereo reference lacquer discs, and those discs were the source material for a live collage performance. The B-side of the record is a studio recording using the discs, taking the duo’s own interactive noisemaking even further into the realm of the metaphysical. It’s the same sound material, but it hits you from different angles simultaneously, and sounds like more of an attack. Yet there is some structure to it, so that airs out right before it fades away at the end of the side.

Watkins/Peacock: Acid Escape Vol. 3 (Freaks, 2021)

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Watkins/Peacock: Acid Escape Vol. 3

Zachary James Watkins (Black Spirituals) and Ross Peacock (Heaven’s Club) play a hybrid of analog and digital synths for their duo improvisations, and this is their first LP after two tapes and a digital release. Mostly channeling positive vibes, these are joyous explorations which verge on techno but don’t fully lose themselves to the beat. The flowering melodies and anxious drum machine pulsations of “Love” end in rumbling, subliminal bass before the synth blooms up one last time. “Fear” is digital dub with upbeat melodies and crawling tempos, slowly sliding off-balance as it’s becoming more intoxicated. “Hope” has heavier, more insistent beats, yet they still don’t feel like they’re aggressively pounding the floor, and the synths scuttle and sprawl on top of them, poised between a gentle touch and a frantic grab. “The End” is a slow cruise with electrifying sweeps of static and a more undercover, prowling feel. All four of these pieces slip by quickly, and you barely notice how long they stretch out because they’re so engrossing.

FFF: One Tribe EP (Lobster Theremin, 2021)

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FFF: One Tribe EP

FFF used to be known for raggacore and noisy, violent breakcore two decades ago, but there was a definite oldskool rave bent to even his heaviest material. Now he’s easily one of the leaders of the neo-jungle scene, along with peers like Tim Reaper and Coco Bryce, who are also constantly hammering out high-quality atmospheric jungle and breakbeat tracks. This EP is straight-up breakbeat hardcore, filled with ravey riffs, slamming breaks, some acid bits, spacey breakdowns, the works. The title track has the heaviest breaks during its most intense section, but it’s all about the “one vibe, one tribe, deeper than you know, deeper than blood” refrain. “It’s Official” is acid house colliding with rave, and it has scratches, pianos, and rolling basslines. “Weak Capacity” is another winning combination of pitched-up Golden Age rap samples, rolling Amen breaks, and killer bass.

brin: Water Sign (sound as language, 2021)

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brin: Water Sign

The newest brin album is a whirlpool of samples and instruments, blending threads of sparkling melodies, microscopic percussion, nature recordings, and even children’s laughter until it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s sourced from what. Not quite as amoebic as its cover art suggests, it’s more fine-toothed but still fluid, hitting on shining moments and dwelling on them without hammering them in. Most of the tracks are brief and momentary, but the artist allows “Necklace” to stretch out into a 7-minute sound bath, and “Relaxation (Version)” feels more like a concentrated cloud with some gentle flanging effects, plus a coda of rainfall. What starts out jumbled ends up getting smoothed out and resolved by the end, and there’s something purifying about it.

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