Watkins/Peacock: Acid Escape Vol. 3 (Freaks, 2021)

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Watkins/Peacock: Acid Escape Vol. 3

Zachary James Watkins (Black Spirituals) and Ross Peacock (Heaven’s Club) play a hybrid of analog and digital synths for their duo improvisations, and this is their first LP after two tapes and a digital release. Mostly channeling positive vibes, these are joyous explorations which verge on techno but don’t fully lose themselves to the beat. The flowering melodies and anxious drum machine pulsations of “Love” end in rumbling, subliminal bass before the synth blooms up one last time. “Fear” is digital dub with upbeat melodies and crawling tempos, slowly sliding off-balance as it’s becoming more intoxicated. “Hope” has heavier, more insistent beats, yet they still don’t feel like they’re aggressively pounding the floor, and the synths scuttle and sprawl on top of them, poised between a gentle touch and a frantic grab. “The End” is a slow cruise with electrifying sweeps of static and a more undercover, prowling feel. All four of these pieces slip by quickly, and you barely notice how long they stretch out because they’re so engrossing.

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