James Fella & Gabriella Isaac: CCTK Music LP (Gilgongo, 2021)

November 4, 2021 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

James Fella & Gabriella Isaac: CCTK Music LP

On the first side of this LP, James Fella produces metallic tones with a cymbal and a kalimba, additionally using tape to further deconstruct. Gabriella Isaac processes the sounds and adds additional feedback and effects, and both artists process each other’s output in real time. We hear rumbling electric storm clouds, static spray, and a much clearer patch of rolling kalimba near the end, and it all resembles an intense, supernatural wrestling match using fire and black magic. This material was cut to six stereo reference lacquer discs, and those discs were the source material for a live collage performance. The B-side of the record is a studio recording using the discs, taking the duo’s own interactive noisemaking even further into the realm of the metaphysical. It’s the same sound material, but it hits you from different angles simultaneously, and sounds like more of an attack. Yet there is some structure to it, so that airs out right before it fades away at the end of the side.

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