Ron Zakrin: Wait for Tomorrow (Equal Recordings, 2020)

August 9, 2020 at 1:24 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Ron Zakrin: Wait for Tomorrow

Detroit painter and musician follows 2017’s One in a Million with a more sprawling set of retro-futuristic electro and techno-pop tracks. First and foremost, this album is worth hearing because Zakrin wrote a bouncy italo-disco style song about BurgerTime, which might be the best oldschool arcade game ever made. Not the easiest, that’s for sure, but absolutely one of the funnest, and the song matches the silliness and jovial spirit of the game. Aside from that, we have songs like “Storm the Ramparts” which are kind of tough and militant but also kind of playful. Like it’s a bit too cartoonish to really feel threatened by. And then others like “Cyber Boulevard” and “Beyond the Milkyway” are just fun and delightful space disco mini-journeys. “Slow Command” and “Cosmic Swamp Ass” are slower and much lengthier, and require more patience, but they both travel to some distant, fascinating worlds. Then at the end of it all, he channels Skint-style big beat with the chunky, lo-bit breakbeat-driven kung fu crime caper “Revenge”.

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