Ron Zakrin: One In A Million LP (Equal Recordings, 2017)

April 19, 2017 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Ron Zakrin: One In A Million LP

Detroit-based painter and musician Ron Zakrin used to record electro-punk as Goudron, with releases on ADULT.’s Ersatz Audio and Ectomorph’s Interdimentional Transmissions. This is his first LP under his own name, and it’s closer to stripped-down electro-techno, with brittle, paranoid melodies in the Dopplereffekt/Aux 88 mode, but there’s still new wave/synth-pop elements to it. “Hells Androids” is bouncy and playful, but “Guilty Pleasures” is more of an even tempo and has some guitar-like distortion and a swooping bassline. “Streetwise” injects some 8-bit textures into its suspenseful electro-funk. “Haste to Hastings” and “Midnight Hustle (D Major)” are cosmic disco homages, and “One in a Million” is a chipper new wave tune with a playful Casio-sounding outro. Available from Bandcamp.

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