Crush Collision 7/14/16

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Hour 1
10:01 pm MJ Guider ~ “Evencycle”
10:09 pm Bill Converse ~ “Warehouse Invocation”
10:18 pm Aphex Twin ~ “CIRKLON 1” [sorry to all the nerds I pissed off with my AllMusic review of this EP. except, not sorry at all.]
10:23 pm Synkro ~ “Changes (Legowelt Remix)”
10:28 pm Horsepower Productions ~ “Bak 2 NY”
10:32 pm Lancelot ~ “Lorikeets”
10:37 pm Sei A. & Will Samson ~ “Ancestors”
10:39 pm Generation Next ~ “Cascade”
10:44 pm 2030 ~ “In Aeternum (Luke Hess Remix)”
10:49 pm Mr Tophat & Art Alfie ~ “Skunk Silver”
10:53 pm PBR Streetgang ~ “12.32 (Fort Romeau Remix)”
10:56 pm Omar-S ~ “Muggy Detroit Heat (Mix By Norm Talley)”
Hour 2
11:01 pm Detroit Grand Pubahs v Ben Long ~ “Youth in Asia”
11:06 pm Mr. G ~ “Black Pepper Crab”
11:09 pm Orlando Voorn & Paty Pat ~ “Swing It”
11:12 pm Ian Pooley ~ “Hit N’ Run (Oskar Offermann Remix)”
11:16 pm Charlotte de Witte ~ “Enough”
11:21 pm Artefakt ~ “Sacrum”
11:24 pm Sebastian Mullaert ~ “Windmaker (Vakula Remix)”
11:29 pm Ancestral Voices ~ “Feathered Serpent (ASC & Sam KDC ‘Grey Area’ Remix)”
11:34 pm Christian Wünsch ~ “Cosmic Radiation”
11:37 pm Specta ~ “Obscure Surface”
11:42 pm Yotam Avni ~ “Tinofet”
11:46 pm Samuel L Session ~ “Crate Digger”
11:50 pm 2000 and One ~ “Prowler”
11:55 pm UNKNOT ~ “Corrosion”

The Cult of Lip: Right Now 7″ EP (Mpls Ltd, 2016)

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The Cult of Lip: Right Now 7" EP

The Cult of Lip: Right Now 7″ EP

Flying saucer indie with gliding guitars and reverb-y vocals which is still punk enough to cram 5 tracks onto a 7″ (to be fair, “Afternoon” is just a brief synth glimmer in between two songs). Sounds dazed as hell, but still focused enough to tear through asteroids at breakneck speed. Every song tries out different warped guitar effects, with the B-side heading closer to MBV braintwisting. Super refreshing to hear something this wacked out and spacey but also incredibly energetic. You are going to listening to this right now over at Bandcamp.

Sote: 10in04 10″ (Repitch, 2016)

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Sote: 10in04 10"

Sote: 10in04 10″

14 years ago, Sote released “Electric Deaf”, one of the most brutal, alarming records Warp ever put out. He put out a few other records, including an album on Sub Rosa which was more in the modern classical realm. Lately he’s been releasing albums on labels like Opal Tapes and Morphine Records. This 10″ actually contains 2 early unreleased tracks from the ’90s. “Neuroenhancer” is a dark, distorted techno banger with pulverized melodies shining through the near-gabber blasts. “In Music I Trust” is evil drum’n’bass which isn’t quite broken enough to become breakcore, but it’s plenty distorted and chaotic. A voice keeps insisting “everything’s gonna be fine tonight”, but you’re not sure whether to believe him or not. Think of this as a timebomb that took 20 years to finally detonate.

Guyer’s Connection: self-titled (Medical Records, 2011/Crash Symbols, 2016)

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Guyer's Connection: self-titled

Guyer’s Connection: self-titled

This is a collection of tracks recorded in the early ’80s by a duo of Swiss teens with a drum machine, 2 synths, and a 4-track recorder. They released 1 album in 1983, but these are tracks recorded around that time which were discovered in 2005 and released on a limited LP, and later given an expanded reissue by Medical Records in 2011 (including bonus and reworked tracks) and now it’s on tape courtesy of Crash Symbols. The music is very simple and whimsical, but somehow it’s still sort of surprising that the duo were so young when these songs were recorded (they formed when they were 14 and 15 years old!). There’s plenty of silliness, so it definitely resembles German new wave people like Der Plan and Andreas Dorau (and probably a lot others I haven’t heard or can’t remember now), with a few songs having sort of polka-ish melodies and jokey-sounding vocals (especially on “Gorilla’s Dance” and “Tapir” and “Hop Hop Hop”… all animal-themed, and probably not a coincidence). There’s also a Casio-ish cover of “Mack the Knife”, and at least one German children’s song. There’s also some darker moments (like “Flow”) and some totally legit vintage minimal synth, such as “Laugh About..” and “He Sabine!” Recommended for fans of Crash Course in Science and Xex, and other minimal synth groups who have a funny bone but are also incredibly creative musicians. Take a gander at Bandcamp.

Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP (Black Ram Records, 2016)

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Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP

Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP

Followers of Ann Arbor’s hip-hop scene know Evan Haywood best as Clavius Crates (of Tree City). He also has a pop group called Man Vs Indian Man, and now he has this solo LP of psychedelic singer/songwriter folk-pop under his own name. Very lushly orchestrated, with numerous layers of instruments, field recordings, guest vocals, and dub echoes (courtesy of Fred Thomas). Trippy and loose, but it doesn’t always have the communal hippie vibe of what used to be called “freak folk” a decade or so ago. Sometimes it does, but not always, it’s generally more focused than that. “Tangeria” is a short glimpse at some sort of jazzy outdoor party. “Attrition Blues” has a similar vibe, but it’s stretched out to a full song, with an extended ethereal outro. The second side has some funky drumming, as well as covers of Charles Manson (!) and Fred Neil. The Manson song is super positive and happy and you’d never guess who wrote it, and the Neil song sounds like more of a church hymn. The final song is more of an ethereal chant, with a subdued jazzy piano outro. Available at Bandcamp.

Failed Flowers: self-titled 1-sided LP (25 Diamonds, 2016)

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Failed Flowers: self-titled 1-sided LP

Failed Flowers: self-titled 1-sided LP

Following 2 years and a slight lineup change since their demo tape, as well as Fred Thomas’ move to Montreal, Failed Flowers finally make their vinyl debut with this purple marbled 1-sided LP. What began as a spontaneous attempt to start a twee punk band has turned into a masterful indie pop outfit. These songs are short, but they’re very considered and thought out, and they pack a lot of words and sentiments (just look at the lyric sheet) without sounding like they’re overstuffed. Like the first Rebel Kind album, this is a 1-sided LP which feels like it’s exactly the right length, not something that should’ve been chopped down into a 7″ or something that didn’t have enough ideas for a full 2 sides. It gets everything out in an appropriate amount of times, the songs are sharp and powerful and never longer than they need to be, and then it’s done. Hear/buy it now at Bandcamp.

Show #350 – 7/9/16

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Hour 1
2:00 am Ian William Craig ~ “A Circle Without Having to Curve” ~ Centres (new) ~ 130701/FatCat ~ 2016
2:10 am Copley Medal ~ “Teskind” ~ Teskind ~ Prime Ruin ~ 2015
2:25 am Raime ~ “Dialling In, Falling Out” ~ Tooth (new) ~ Blackest Ever Black ~ 2016
2:30 am SunPath ~ “Snowflake Dragon” ~ Yasimin and the Snowflake Dragon ~ Leaving Records ~ 1980
2:38 am Konx-om-Pax ~ “Mega Glacial” ~ Caramel (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2016
2:42 am Five Star Hotel (local) ~ “Earth Cycle” ~ Gravity Signal (new) ~ Memory No. 36 Recordings ~ 2016
2:46 am EndgamE ~ “Savage Riddim” ~ Savage (new) ~ Purple Tape Pedigree ~ 2016
2:50 am Dviance ~ “2sik2breathe” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
2:55 am Pivotal ~ “Nightmare Dive” ~ Operation Sound Invasion ~ Visual Disturbances ~ 2015
2:57 am Gunslinger-R ~ “Punie Amen 16” ~ 00’s Anison Hit Parade 2 (new) ~ The Worst ~ 2016
Hour 2
3:00 am Morten_HD ~ “Part II” ~ Naphtha tape ~ Visual Disturbances/Emergency Tapes ~ 2015
3:20 am Ninja Sword ~ “Persona” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
3:24 am Air Max ’97 ~ “Swelter (Ziúr Remix)” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Decisions ~ 2016
3:28 am Bambounou ~ “Great Escape” ~ Orbiting ~ 50Weapons ~ 2012
3:32 am Terror Danjah feat. Jamakabi ~ “Juicy Patty (Logos Remix)” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Keysound ~ 2016
3:35 am Sote feat. Safar ~ “In Music I Trust” ~ 10″ ~ Repitch ~ 1997
3:43 am Yorishiro ~ “Shimmering” ~ I (new) ~ Constellation Tatsu ~ 2016
3:47 am Dang Olsen Dream Tape ~ “Solving Dissolving” ~ Zonk (new) ~ Constellation Tatsu ~ 2016
3:50 am Brain Machine ~ “To the Stars” ~ Peaks (new) ~ Emotional Response ~ 2016
Hour 3
4:00 am Eric Copeland ~ “On” ~ Black Bubblegum (new) ~ DFA ~ 2016
4:04 am Germ Class ~ “Complex Glow” ~ Germ Class (new) ~ Night People ~ 2016
4:07 am MV Carbon ~ “Waitin’ Here All Night” ~ The Sun Will Turn On You (new) ~ Discombobulate ~ 2016
4:12 am Rutger Hauser ~ “N-N-N-N” ~ Rutger Hauser ~ AD AAD AT ~ 2015
4:16 am Hydropark (local) ~ “Imposters, Fabricators, Certain Characters” ~ Hydropark (new) ~ Syncro System ~ 2016
4:19 am Failed Flowers (local) ~ “Coke Floats” ~ Failed Flowers (new) ~ 25 Diamonds ~ 2016
4:22 am Evan Haywood (local) ~ “Attrition Blues” ~ Ramshackles (new) ~ Black Ram Records ~ 2016
4:26 am Snakepiss (local) ~ “Spooky Action” ~ Knives (new) ~ Chambray Records ~ 2016
4:32 am Chronotope Project ~ “Solaris” ~ Passages (new) ~ Spotted Peccary ~ 2016
4:37 am H.N.A.S. ~ “Part 1” ~ Im Schatten Der Möhre ~ Streamline ~ 1987
4:58 am Ryan Huber ~ “AEX” ~ Comoros (new) ~ Inam Records ~ 2016
Hour 4
5:01 am Tangents ~ “Jindabyne” ~ Stateless (new) ~ Temporary Residence Ltd. ~ 2016
5:08 am BadBadNotGood ~ “IV” ~ IV (new) ~ Innovative Leisure ~ 2016
5:15 am Kiln (local) ~ “Swung Rusted Open” ~ Ampday ~ Thalassa ~ 1999
5:17 am Arbeit Schickert Schneider ~ “38°” ~ ASS (new) ~ Bureau B ~ 2016
5:23 am Dennis Young ~ “Arabian Nights” ~ Wave ~ Bureau B ~ 1985
5:28 am Vivenza ~ “Modes Réels Collectifs – Partie 2” ~ Modes Réels Collectifs ~ Rotorelief ~ 1983
5:34 am Depth Affect ~ “Basic Illitch” ~ John Cassettes ~ Autres Directions In Music ~ 2006
5:39 am Felipe + Forté ~ “Shadow People Revisted” ~ Shaggy Black ~ Soft Abuse ~ 2005
5:43 am Peder Mannerfelt ~ “Humming” ~ The Swedish Congo Record ~ Archives Interieures ~ 2015
5:45 am Hidden Rivers ~ “Awash” ~ Where Moss Grows ~ Serein ~ 2015
5:48 am Kenneth James Gibson ~ “Weighty Repetitions” ~ The Evening Falls (new) ~ Kompakt Pop Ambient ~ 2016
5:52 am Nest ~ “Lodge” ~ Retold ~ Serein ~ 2007
5:56 am Fiona Brice ~ “Verona” ~ Postcards From (new) ~ Bella Union ~ 2016

Crush Collision 7/7/16

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Hour 1
10:01 pm Om Unit ~ “What It Is”
10:06 pm Spectres ~ “Sink (Factory Floor Remix)”
10:10 pm Cube ~ “Private”
10:13 pm El Nino Andres ~ “Tape One”
10:16 pm Munk ~ “The Oboe Onyx”
10:19 pm Machete Savane ~ “Manticore (Ian Blevins Remix)”
10:23 pm Haarschnitt ~ “Ion 2a”
10:25 pm Julian Sanza ~ “Pata Negra”
10:27 pm Alexander Robotnick ~ “Tubuntu”
10:31 pm Okayshades ~ “The Premise”
10:34 pm Eddie Ness & Liem ~ “Holy Grail”
10:37 pm dyLAB ~ “You Wouldn’t Hurt Me”
10:41 pm S3A ~ “Antois Benime (Austral Parc)”
10:45 pm Rob Savage ~ “Time (Carly Foxx Remix)”
10:48 pm Dang Olsen Dream Tape ~ “Thumper”
10:50 pm Hologram Teen ~ “Hex These Rules”
10:55 pm Ben Kaczor ~ “Ohh”
10:58 pm Moniker ~ “Moving”
Hour 2
11:03 pm Cute Heels ~ “Third Skin (Steffi Remix)”
11:07 pm NoizyKnobs ~ “Xeno”
11:10 pm Vin Sol ~ “Zone (Club Lonely Remix)”
11:12 pm De Sluwe Vos ~ “Basement Work Out III”
11:15 pm Limited Toss ~ “Rave (Stones Taro Remix)”
11:17 pm Bambounou ~ “Capsule Process”
11:20 pm GRRL ~ “Drop Ha”
11:24 pm Bjarki ~ “Here It Comes Can You Feel It 92 Hoover 2” [best song title of the decade?]
11:28 pm Series – A ~ “Evolution ⁵ Technology (JTC Mix)”
11:35 pm Matthew Mercer ~ “When Suddenly”
11:36 pm Sacramental ~ “Angels Trumpet”
11:41 pm DVA ~ “Worst”
11:43 pm Vessels ~ “4AM (FaltyDL Remix)”
11:45 pm AnD ~ “Illusions”
11:49 pm Sote ~ “Neuroenhancer”
11:58 pm PTU ~ “Taorak”

Germ Class: self-titled tape (Night People, 2015)

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Germ Class: self-titled tape

Germ Class: self-titled tape

German Army can be incredibly hard to keep track of, with dozens of tapes as well as side projects. A lot of these get pretty demanding for the listener, musically, but Germ Class seems to be a bit more accessible. The tape insert says it also includes members of Dunes (who I’m not familiar with), and a lot of the (short) songs on this tape have slow, uncluttered, but sometimes bassy drum machine beats, some drifting guitars and vocals, and lots of space. There’s some delay clouds, and some mysterious muttering voices, but overall this seems closer to Seefeel than GeAr’s Residents/CabVolt-ish haunted industrial. It’s easy to lose track of time listening to this, even though it’s not very long.

Morten_HD: Naphtha tape (Visual Disturbances/Emergency Tapes, 2015)

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Morten_HD: Naphtha tape

Morten_HD: Naphtha tape

I downloaded this off Bandcamp a while ago, but when I got the actual tape, I was delighted that it’s actually way longer than the download version (which is more of an EP). It’s presented as a mixtape rather than an album, and there’s basically an entire album’s worth of additional material. In this sense, the songs are actually mixed together. Sometimes it seems like it’s a bit of a stretch to make the songs fit, but it seems like a bumpy ride is necessary for the producer to get his story across. Very high quality neo-grime. Sharp but still light and feathery. The beats aren’t as jagged or crushing or broken as other producers, and the melodies sometimes seem like 3D figures or mysterious gas clouds but there’s still weight to them. It also flows pretty quickly, it doesn’t feel like an intense, imposing marathon session of toughness. Also highly recommended is his Xenoglossia tape from earlier this year.

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