Guyer’s Connection: self-titled (Medical Records, 2011/Crash Symbols, 2016)

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Guyer's Connection: self-titled

Guyer’s Connection: self-titled

This is a collection of tracks recorded in the early ’80s by a duo of Swiss teens with a drum machine, 2 synths, and a 4-track recorder. They released 1 album in 1983, but these are tracks recorded around that time which were discovered in 2005 and released on a limited LP, and later given an expanded reissue by Medical Records in 2011 (including bonus and reworked tracks) and now it’s on tape courtesy of Crash Symbols. The music is very simple and whimsical, but somehow it’s still sort of surprising that the duo were so young when these songs were recorded (they formed when they were 14 and 15 years old!). There’s plenty of silliness, so it definitely resembles German new wave people like Der Plan and Andreas Dorau (and probably a lot others I haven’t heard or can’t remember now), with a few songs having sort of polka-ish melodies and jokey-sounding vocals (especially on “Gorilla’s Dance” and “Tapir” and “Hop Hop Hop”… all animal-themed, and probably not a coincidence). There’s also a Casio-ish cover of “Mack the Knife”, and at least one German children’s song. There’s also some darker moments (like “Flow”) and some totally legit vintage minimal synth, such as “Laugh About..” and “He Sabine!” Recommended for fans of Crash Course in Science and Xex, and other minimal synth groups who have a funny bone but are also incredibly creative musicians. Take a gander at Bandcamp.


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