Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP (Black Ram Records, 2016)

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Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP

Evan Haywood: Ramshackles LP

Followers of Ann Arbor’s hip-hop scene know Evan Haywood best as Clavius Crates (of Tree City). He also has a pop group called Man Vs Indian Man, and now he has this solo LP of psychedelic singer/songwriter folk-pop under his own name. Very lushly orchestrated, with numerous layers of instruments, field recordings, guest vocals, and dub echoes (courtesy of Fred Thomas). Trippy and loose, but it doesn’t always have the communal hippie vibe of what used to be called “freak folk” a decade or so ago. Sometimes it does, but not always, it’s generally more focused than that. “Tangeria” is a short glimpse at some sort of jazzy outdoor party. “Attrition Blues” has a similar vibe, but it’s stretched out to a full song, with an extended ethereal outro. The second side has some funky drumming, as well as covers of Charles Manson (!) and Fred Neil. The Manson song is super positive and happy and you’d never guess who wrote it, and the Neil song sounds like more of a church hymn. The final song is more of an ethereal chant, with a subdued jazzy piano outro. Available at Bandcamp.


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