Wrekmeister Harmonies: Then It All Came Down (Thrill Jockey, 2014)

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Wrekmeister Harmonies: Then It All Came Down

Wrekmeister Harmonies: Then It All Came Down

Last year, Thrill Jockey released Wrekmeister Harmonies’ You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me on vinyl. That was my introduction to this project and it blew me away. This week, the follow-up came out, and both albums were released on one CD. You can read my review of You’ve Always Meant… here, so I’m just reviewing the newer LP now. Then It All Came Down, like its predecessor, takes a very long time to build, with some faintly chiming bells and plucked guitars, and angelic vocals, over arctic drone. Around 10 minutes the storm sets in. Anything light and angelic goes away, and then the growling metal vocals drift in, and there’s crashing thunder sounds. Mournful strings swell up, along with guitar feedback and phantom-like non-metal vocals, and the tension just mounts. Finally, around the 19.5 minute mark, metal guitar chords and drums slowly crash in, and the vocals become more deformed and depraved, finally letting loose a scream at 21:00. Around 23.5 minutes, it fully kicks into a sludgy, torrential rhythm with abrasive guitar squeals. It seems to calm down and there’s a calm, melodic plucked guitar pattern, but that just sets the scene for even more intense screamed metal vocals and guitar blasts. It doesn’t take as long for this piece to end as it does for it to begin, it’s only a few minutes to the end after the screaming stops.

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