Wrekmeister Harmonies: You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me LP (Thrill Jockey, 2013)

June 23, 2013 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Wrekmeister Harmonies: You've Always Meant So Much To Me LP

Wrekmeister Harmonies: You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me LP

Leave it to Thrill Jockey to make me aware of an incredible project I’d had to prior awareness of. Apparently this project has put out albums on Atavistic, Capitan Records and Tizona, and has featured contributions from members from all sorts of well-known bands, including Tortoise, Codeine and The Jesus Lizard, and this particular album features members of several experimental metal bands, such as Leviathan, Nachtmystium and Yakuza, but I wouldn’t have guessed that at all listening to this. It’s a single 38 minute drone piece utilizing harp, harmonium, slowly drifting strings, and slowly measured horn gusts. Plus some vocalizations and carefully used guitar feedback. Around 12 minutes there’s some shrieking and howling, and some tense, siren-like strings (or possibly synths, or both), and the plucked string melodies that have been developing in the piece become a bit more pronounced. I’m listening to a download promo of this, in which the album is presented as a single track, and I’m wondering how they manage to break it up into two sides for the vinyl release, but at about 23 minutes, I found out why; it gets to the thundering, crashing doom metal part of the piece, with more amplified howling and monstrous, doom-filled drumming. It continues with this heavy, grinding doom rhythm, slowly adding ribbons of electronics spiraling around everything, and starts to get calm around 29 minutes, fading back to drone and slow harp notes. You imagine everyone involved is completely exhausted at the end of all of this. Truly stunning. There’s a video of an edited version of the album, which shows artist Simon Fowler (who drew the album’s cover art) creating an image which I think compliments the music better than the cover itself.

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