Troikastra: It’s the Door with the Little Stairs (Castor and Pollux, 2023)

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Troikastra: It’s the Door with the Little Stairs

Troikestra, the trio of Curtis Glatter, DJ Tenshun, and Nathan Hubbard, battle it out on turntables, synths, samples, and drum machines, resulting in messy collages somewhere in between ’90s plunderphonic turntablism and freeform circuit-bent noise jams. The trio’s performances often have a much more cartoonish edge than most experimental improvisation, particularly with the presence of things like the chunky metal guitars and toy piano-sounding scattered notes of “Brief Sojourn Into a Side Alley”. “Two Types” splices different instructional records together to form Frankenstein sentences, evolving from rhythmic tutoring to spiritual advice. “Expectations Are Nigh” is 17 minutes long and somewhat less dense than some of the other pieces, but it also has some of the most aggressive scratching and overt hip-hop sampling. “Sonic Starcases” is frantic noise-jazz with dubby effects and almost modem-like squealing sounds. Lastly, “Blame It On the Casionova” is sort of a drunken stumble home under dark, flanged-out clouds.


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