Purelink: To/Deep 12″ EP (NAFF, 2023)

April 26, 2023 at 6:43 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Purelink: To/Deep 12″ EP

Chicago’s Purelink have been making waves with a distinctive blend of ambient, dub, and liquid drum’n’bass somewhere in the vicinity of releases on labels like xpq? and West Mineral Ltd. — music to swim inside rather than dance to. Their newest EP contains two of their most refreshing tracks yet, as well as two in-demand classics now on vinyl for the first time. “Earth To” tiptoes around ambient jungle but doesn’t plunge right in, yet it’s awash in luscious, soothing textures. “Not That Deep” similarly feels like dub techno without the beats, but there’s no need for them as the rippling echoes carry enough weight to move you. “Maintain the Bliss”, the first of the two tracks that appeared digitally in 2021, is another gentle whirlpool of sound, living up to its title by not “going anywhere” but cozying into an ecstatic state and holding onto it. “Head on a Swivel” is maybe my favorite track of the EP, with more forceful jungle breaks and clicks’n’cuts suspended in a sort of aquamarine gas, steered by deep bass pulsations.


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