Sharkiface: Climax In A Process (No Part Of It, 2023)

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Sharkiface: Climax In A Process

Angela Edwards has crossed paths with several experimental/underground music luminaries since the ’90s, including Daniel Johnston, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Leslie Keffer, Tomeka Reid, and so many others. She’s released music as Sharkiface since the 2000s, but this is her first full solo album, containing older as well as newer material, but it’s not specified when the pieces were recorded. Anyway, her music is often vocal-based, especially the opener, “Melancholeta”, which starts by building up a flurry of breathy moans before continuing with cryptic low-pitched whispering. Other tracks fold the vocals within the acoustic strokes and tape manipulation. “Pan & Echo” uses both of those effects, stretching strings and shivering voices into glassy audio sculptures. “Hour of the Wolf” is more upfront, with poetic dialogue, but “Mystery” hides wisps of voices behind creaking and wind. After the brief, clanging “Garden Party”, the rest of the album is taken up by the six-movement “Climax In A Process”. This suite has more obvious tape manipulations than the other pieces, and seems more electronic, especially with moments like the repetitive synth tones and feedback wash of the second movement. The fourth movement plays around with tape micro-loops which vary in speed, from slow murmurations yanked up to rapid yip-yip-yips, then fragmented into tough, acidic static. The 15-minute fifth movement is a hypnotic collage of ticking and striking clocks, and it gets deeper and more intricate as it evolves. Genuinely haunting.


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