Seekersinternational presents Ragga Preservation Society: No Parasites EP (Sneaker Social Club, 2023)

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Seekersinternational presents Ragga Preservation Society: No Parasites EP

Canadian abstract dub crew Seekersinternational sometimes dip into jungle as Ragga Preservation Society, and their latest EP arrives on the always reliable modernist hardcore imprint Sneaker Social Club. Four six-minute tracks, all mini-soundclash sessions rather than structured DJ tools. “No Parasites (Lickshot!)” has a long ambient midsection before it gets pulled back in with breakbeats. “Caught Up (Heart Breaks)” adds a familiar diva house sample to jazzy shuffling drums, then elevates the energy with ragga chatting, sirens, and thick ravey synths whooshing past in a Hooverian blur, to borrow a phrase from one of the group’s labelmates. “2 Gold Chain (Drive U Crazy)” doesn’t go for high speed, instead rushing memories of ’80s R&B into a sweet haze. “Original of the Original” is more repetitive than the others, looping the title phrase along with a busted break in a slow, dubby crawl. Not quite an all-directions-at-once free-for-all like other SKRS releases, nor a straightforward record of any genre, No Parasites is an intense bunch of overlapping memories which fires up when it has to, but otherwise keeps it boiling and bubbling.


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