Doormouse: Breakcore (PRSPCT, 2023)

April 13, 2023 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Doormouse: Broken

On one of Doormouse’s highly active, meme-heavy social media accounts, he pointed out that the term breakcore had more Google searches last year than it had since the 2000s. Yet the newer generation seems to confuse breakcore with anything that has fast Amen breaks, a lot of which sounds more like atmospheric drum’n’bass. So here’s Doormouse to once again bring back the gung gung and ridiculous samples. “Sax Me Hard” mangles Lisa Simpson samples and free jazz solos, as well as a Kenny G interview and a chiptune version of “Careless Whisper”. And lots of people shouting, and a Helter Stupid sample. It’s also kind of a trick birthday candle, it keeps flaring back when you think it’s over and it lasts for 8 minutes. “Old Detestable Tripping Bastards” is two and half minutes of terrorcore beats slicing “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” apart. “Acid Americano” is what happens when a Godzilla-like monster takes a giant radioactive shit all over electroswing. “Cowboy Love” and “(Making Love To The Sound Of) The Gabber Kick Drum” share samples, so they seem like two parts of the same song. The first has whip cracks, the second has a bit of acid breaks, and they’re both hard crushers. I’ve posted before that I’m optimistic about the new breed of breakcore, I think it’s regressive for older scenesters to complain about what younger people are doing because the youth are supposed to be doing something different and distinct from what’s happened before. But there’s still nothing like a certified master doing it his way, and this is just loads of fun.


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