Fashion Flesh: Rubber Mountain LP (Black Lodge, 2023)

April 12, 2023 at 6:24 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Fashion Flesh: Rubber Mountain LP

Fashion Flesh is the solo project of John Talaga, a Michigan-based synth wizard and builder of electronics who used to be part of the mindbending Baroque chiptune act Super Madrigal Brothers. This LP is a monstrously fun set of off-the-wall, off-the-grid synth jams loaded with strange, queasy effects. The first side has two hallucinogenic disco tracks with a slower, more haunted minimal synth cut sandwiched in between. I was kind of expecting murkier, creepier stuff like that on this record, so the dancey tracks are a nice surprise, but of course they’re also freaky and covered in mutagen ooze. “Free Air” is more of a new wave synth punk shuffle, and “Never Lie Again” has more zombified vocals over bouncy techno beats. Then there’s “Canopy Bed”, a 13-minute wasteland of bubbling synth effects constantly expanding past their limits, whipping the beats into an overdriven frenzy. This is just an enormously gleeful wigged-out synth record that keeps me grinning for as long as it’s playing.


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