Applesauce Tears: Artifacts (Black Cottage, 2023)

February 12, 2023 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Applesauce Tears: Artifacts

The newest album from Atlanta’s Applesauce Tears adds more of a post-punk edge to their synth-heavy psychedelia, particularly on the opening track, “Dressed for Fortress”, with its commanding, driving bassline. “It’s Us Against the World (It Always Has Been)” sounds familiar, like it’s the theme to a teen drama I haven’t seen in ages. “Eurasian Girlfriend” is a distant, jazzy reflection and “Her Purse Falls and Everything Scatters” switches from clicky IDM-style rhythm to a more aggressive post-rock gale. “It Was God While It Lasted” is one of the more relaxed, breezy selections here, but “When Sleep Spoke to Hera” is a tense track that starts with slow, crawling trap beats and wispy, shivering synths, then explodes with flair and color later on. “The Wam Ebrace of a Mediocre Poet” is a further fusion of jazz noir, trappy drum machines, and gnarled guitar riffs. “Bent Like Winter Grass” is a truly pretty, gauzy song enhanced with strings, and “Another Piece of the Puzzle Goes Missing” retains strings but slathers then on top of a more of a late ’90s-style funky electronic beat, which would be fit for a movie trailer without them. “The Way We Weren’t” is more of a good-time jam with siren synths, ethereal vocals, and I think maybe even some slide guitar.


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