Bruce Licher: Exploratorium (2006/deluxe reissue by Independent Project Records, 2022)

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Bruce Licher: Exploratorium

Bruce Licher of Savage Republic and Scenic recorded these pieces on a 4-track in 1997 and originally released them on a limited 3″ CDr mounted on a 12″ sheet of heavy card stock letterpress. This is a proper CD reissue with a lengthy bonus track, but still containing fancy packaging, including postcards for each track. The original tracks are gliding space rock guitar solo excursions, with “Going Home” being the most awestruck, conveying a feeling of blissfully travelling at light speed towards one’s destiny without having the slightest notion of danger. “The Penstemon Field” is a much more dramatic and melodic piece which (to me) approximates a devastating trek home through the rainy streets at night. “Number 09” is vastly different than the other tracks, though it was recorded around the same time. Instead of guitar-based drifting, this is a wild synth expedition, with legions of echo and delay making the sequences feeling like they’re constantly crumbling and rebuilding, stretching a prismatic fortress throughout space.


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