Galactapus: The Rainbows of Wrong (self-released, 2023)

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Galactapus: The Rainbows of Wrong

The anonymous, costumed, studio-bound ensemble from Minneapolis known as Galactapus are not the funk-metal monstrosity their name might suggest. Instead, they’re (obviously) akin to the likes of Residents, Caroliner, and Sun City Girls, but the music ranges anywhere from acid-fried synth-garage-punk to freak-folk. “Your Face Is Inside Out and Your Wig Is On Fire” makes a majestic, sprawling intro, then “The Lustful Arts” is awash in mutant voices, cauldron bubbling, and mystical acoustic stringed instruments. “Giftworm” is an audiophonic trip filled with sinister, forward-reverse vocal effects and thumb pianos. “Radio Kolossos” feels like it’s going to be a more straightforward garage rocker, but it splinters into different cosmic fragments and gets carried along by throbbing synth sequences and dislocated claps and gang vocals. “Anal” is more of a dream scene involving haunted, bird-filled forests and fields. “Magic Clowns” and “Marshmallow Law” are two of the more aggressive songs here, closer to the band’s own spin on punk. “Turning Into a Boob” is another multi-part epic, which moves from lo-fi synth dazzle to primitive electro-rock. Finally, “It’s Over When We Say It’s Over” is a shimmering mood piece with hand drums and perhaps a melodica, and it ends up with a spirited coda filled with sitars and spirited chanting.


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