Good Willsmith: Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly tape (Hausu Mountain, 2012/2022)

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Good Willsmith: Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly tape

Hausu Mountain is celebrating their tenth anniversary with reissues of a few of the well over 100 releases they’ve put out. Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly was the label’s first cassette, and the very first release by the label’s flagship trio, Good Willsmith, which features two of HausMo’s founders, Doug Kaplan and Maxwell Allison, plus Natalie Chami. Like all of the band’s gigs and releases, this is an improv session constructed with loops, synths, and found sounds. Later Good Willsmith releases are more playful, more jammy, more rhythmic, more Krautrocky, but this is more of a glowing raga-influenced electronic drone. It’s divided into six tracks, but it’s really just one continuous piece. Vocal cries ebb and flow, synths sparkle and flicker, and guitar waves crest, breaking from the more meditative state with fritzy electronics and imitation whale calls near the beginning of the second side. The guitars sharpen and rise up as the vocal cries return, and then more lopsided guitar strumming and fuzz helps put the entire session to bed. Emerging from the noise/drone scene but with a new age sense of levitation, Good Willsmith’s debut opened a new portal in the universe of improv and experimental music.


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