Jordan Reyes: Everything Is Always (American Dreams, 2022)

October 27, 2022 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Jordan Reyes: Everything Is Always

Jordan Reyes’ latest solo work is a meditation on tragedy and existential dread, seamlessly threading together disparate genres including doom metal, modern composition/drone, and the darkest fringes of country. The opening track “The Void” centers around the line “I can see my body in the void”, and the multi-layered string-fuzz drone “Would I Were a Moth” opens with the question “Could I become the wind?” travis of the band ONO delivers a series of spoken verses on “Translineation”, tying folklore together with science fiction. “Kraken” does something similar in a different manner, setting deep, commanding narration to mesmerizing synth sequences and doom metal drone. “Maybe I’m the Dust” progresses from gentle acoustic guitars and plaintive singing to dark incantations and an overwhelming mass of guitar noise. Lastly is the album’s comforting title track, repeating the title phrase until it ascends with the help of strings and horns.


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