Collin Sherman: Organism Made Luminous (Ex-Tol Recordings, 2022)

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Collin Sherman: Organism Made Luminous

Continuing his strong discography of multi-tracked solo recordings, Collin Sherman delves deeply into modular synths and other electronics on his 14th effort. Opener “Failed Deontological Promise” has the longest list of gear in the liner notes, but the following “Across Three Fields” is a bit more ear-catching, with a nice balance of sparkling analog synths, vibraphones, saxophones, and flicking drums pulling it all along. “Hegemonic Virtues” has a fat, distorted Moog sound and way-out sax, calling out to Sun Ra’s side of the galaxy. “Dialectic Rejected” has a bit of a cyber-Western flavor, with desert guitar melodies and a rattling electronic textures which act like the spurs of the steady drum beat. The longest track, “Says Flowers”, puts away the synths but still conjures up unearthly sounds from a bowed Telecaster and an alto sax. “Late Edition” is one of the more synth-heavy tracks, and its beats were made by loading typewriter sounds in electronic drum software, creating organic-sounding IDM. “Space Mission of the Immortals” is a dazzling mix of glowing circuits and freewheeling sax melodies. Sherman has used a lot of these instruments in his previous work, but this album is a unique evolution of his sort of solo space jazz.


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