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The back cover of this album states that XEREX is a duo of conjoined twins from Germany, and that they “have been grown in a petri dish as elderly mathematicians in 1972.” This album is supposed to be an “invisible story” similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. Apart from the intro, a sampled welcome from Dracula himself, all of the tracks are numerically titled, and they generally concentrate on one certain loop or texture and explore them for the duration of the piece, rather than progress. “Dracula II” sounds like a cloud of ominous bells, for example. “IV” is much longer than most of the tracks, and it’s basically a bubbling cauldron of acidic synths for 9 minutes. “V” is a more potent brew which constantly seems like it’s going to boil over. The rest doesn’t get quite that abrasive, although “X” has some harsh bell buzzing. “VIII” has a tense, cricket-like glow, and “XII” similarly has a shivering type of organ drone. The Choose Your Own Adventure description is apt, basically pick a track and you’ll be placed in a specific audio setting for a few minutes. In some cases, that could be a scary situation you might want to work your way out of, and other times it’s more of a serene audio bath.


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