Terrence Dixon & Jordan GCZ: Keep In Mind I’m Out Of My Mind 2LP (Rush Hour, 2022)

October 10, 2022 at 7:09 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Terrence Dixon & Jordan GCZ: Keep In Mind I’m Out Of My Mind 2LP

I picked this one up at the Rush Hour shop when I was in Amsterdam recently, but it’s officially out worldwide and on Bandcamp now, so there’s no better time to post a review. Following a store-exclusive 12″ from 2020 (which I got when I visited last year), this is a full album from the prolific Detroit producer and the Juju & Jordash member, presumably recorded during the same 2019 sessions. All improvised using hardware, these are tracks that just spring forth, with melodies that unassumingly bloom along with the rhythmic currents. “Operation Delete” gains more of a steady kick after starting with a more broken pattern, and eventually rises up as if anticipating an abduction. “State of the Nile” is a perfect example of the type of Sun Ra space-techno Dixon is a pioneer of, with some unexpected keyboard plunks and echo effects that shoot from the side. “Above Ground” has melodies that sound like they’re being played on thumb pianos or tuned percussive instruments, and the synths expand from there, making reflective patterns from the melodies as well as splashing out cosmic effects


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