Woody Sullender: Music from Four Movements & Other Favorites (Dead CEO, 2022)

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Woody Sullender: Music from Four Movements & Other Favorites

Woody Sullender’s first release in over a decade contains pieces from Four Movements, a downloadable project which seems to function as a video game, interactive environment, and album all at once. There’s a demo video on his website, it looks pretty amazing. The music is pretty fantastic on its own. Sullender plays banjo and produces minimalist electro-acoustic soundscapes, heavily influenced by techno on several of these tracks, particularly the mesmerizing “Figment Pattern” and “Towards Minus”, a remake of “Minus” from Robert Hood’s 1994 minimal techno blueprint Internal Empire. “The Tale of the Brook to the Pool” is more fragile, dissolving away from rhythm, then slowly reforming. “Chelsea” starts with low thumps, crackling static, and slow acid techno growls, with haunted echoes taking over the piece as the kick drum thumps onward. “House of Calm Serenity” is a lengthier, more droning track featuring harmonica by Seamus Cater, Sullender’s collaborator for his last release, the 2020 LP When We Get to Meeting. Final track “Life Without Objects” is echo-heavy enough to qualify as dub techno, yet it’s busy and full of movement rather than loop-based and repetitive.


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