Throwaway: Hand That Takes (FPE Records, 2022)

August 29, 2022 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Throwaway: Hand That Takes

Throwaway’s brief second album is a reaction to being trapped in a death cult society that forces its citizens to constantly work without any guarantee of success or compensation. People are just producers, mannequins, faceless and nameless figures. “Glitch Mob” is about being stuck in a video game with no chance to win, with hope that some sort of computer bug will reset something or prevent certain death. Kirsten Carey’s voice recklessly jumps octaves and challenges the dissonance of her guitar playing. She laughs in derision during “Kyubabe”, and attempts to fix a sinking ship with duct tape on “Cute Frankenstein”. A news bulletin in Japanese introduces “DINOSAUR.”, a menacing anthem about being driven to panic of a degree that smashing and eating everything seems like the only recourse. The appearance of an actual dinosaur(-costumed human) during the band’s live performances elevates it into a manic, dramatic spectacle. The lengthy “Six” has several sections that gradually speed up and get heavier, expressing several stages of mounting anxieties. If you’re on the verge of just losing it, you’re already well prepared for Throwaway.


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