Andrew Bernstein: a presentation (Hausu Mountain, 2022)

May 21, 2022 at 11:21 am | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Andrew Bernstein: a presentation

The latest album from Horse Lords’ Andrew Bernstein utilizes the just intonation tuning system he’s known for, but here he stretches his practice out with a series of patient, deeply immersed drones. Turn it up loud and you realize how raw it actually is, and how hard it must be to actually play these pieces. “in flux” is nearly half an hour of gradually shifting, overlapping tones. It approaches something resembling a lighter, happier moment over 20 minutes in, and also pauses shortly a few times before it finally reaches a definite end. It’s more of a soundbath than “sounding against a static tone”, which immediately zones in on a receptor in my brain, with interference against a stark, unwavering tone creating a harsh flutter. “distant cousins of a common ancestor” is sort of a short epilogue, not really bringing the album to a climax but at least presenting its general idea in a more condensed dose.

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