Sir Tad: You’re Home tape (Tynan Tapes Temporal, 2022)

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Sir Tad: You’re Home tape

The other project of Tynan Krakoff is just as fixated on hazy memories as Meadow Argus, but instead of long, disintegrating loop-based pieces, this one works in more digestible pop song-length snippets. Using autoharp, melodica, Stylophone, lots of cheap keyboards, and various tape loops, answering machine messages, and home recordings dating back to the 1960s, he makes avant-pop dream scenes which reenact moments shared with family members. “You’re Home” is a supremely comforting opener, with melodica waves stretched out into accordion-like drones, and a rolling, dubby rhythm. “Quinn” is splashed with an array of scattered keyboard melodies, adding a sharp playfulness to Odd Nosdam-like zoned-out beats. “Bird of Paradise” is gleeful autoharp psychedelia, and “Break a Leg” is much more sorrowful than you might expect for a song based around a recording of a kid singing the KitKat jingle (the voice in question is Tynan’s brother, who died unexpectedly earlier this year). “Potential” pulls samples from a radio talk show discussing misunderstandings of communism and the rise of fascism. While this is one of the album’s more serious moments, it’s immediately followed by the malfunctioning tape whimsy of “Slitherin’ Slop”. “Tumbled Down” is a minimal synth comedown with more of that luscious melodica.

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