Tommaso Moretti: Inside Out (Bace Records, 2022)

May 13, 2022 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Tommaso Moretti: Inside Out

Percussionist, guitarist, composer, and vocalist Tommaso Moretti‘s music alternates between several different perspectives and influences, incorporating Afrobeat and samba rhythms as well as bits of surf rock into its fluid, polyrhythmic jazz base. Yet he never feels like he’s trying to smash a bunch of random, unrelated sounds together, so his transitions never sound jarring. Opener “Italiano in America” bops, swings, and jitters, but never loses its cool. “Redefine the Purpose”, a vocal number with flute and xylophone, is a bit loungey, but still anxious and winding. “Edge of a Decade”, one of a handful of songs with cornetist Ben Lamar Gay, is a more celebratory outer-limits samba jam. “Going Home / Flying Away From Home” is a dazzling 9-minute suite featuring inventive violão playing by Edinho Gerber. “Era De Maggio” is a more nostalgic, swaying tune with earnest vocals, sounding much more traditional than some of the album’s more ambitious tracks, which at times feel like calmer Zappa compositions.

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